Message from the President – September 2018

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I hope everyone enjoyed their summer! It continues to amaze me how quickly time passes. Another summer has come and gone. And with the change in the season, we wish our beloved Medical Staff Director, Dr. Joanne Jellin, a very happy retirement. She has effectively lead, and been the heart and soul of the Summit Medical Staff for almost 22 years. Dr. Jellin began working at Providence Hospital in the Medical Staff Office in 1981 and came to the Summit Medical Staff Office in 1996. Her breadth and depth of knowledge and professionalism has lead us through many challenging times. Thank you Dr. Jellin for your many years of dedication to the Summit Medical Staff! We wish you the best in retirement.

Medical Staff Updates:

-Sutter Safe Care Training for physicians will extend through the end of this month. The training is required for ALL active medical staff members. Dates are included below. Dr. Roos, our CMO, is leading the physician training. You can attend any training session that fits with your schedule, not just the physician only training. Please sign in so you receive attendance and CME credit.

-Please remember to sign your verbal orders within 48 hours. Remember, you can sign your colleagues’ verbal orders if responsible for the care of the patient.

-The Modesto Transfer Center will “sunset” (a nice way of saying close) November 1st. ABSMC will become part of the Bay Transfer Center in Novato which also covers CPMC, Mills, Eden, etc. September 3 is our go-live date. The intake individual at the center will be an RN rather than a clerical person. Also, there is a new Medical Director, Dr. Lory Wiviott, who will oversee the transfer center. 

– Alta Bates Summit and the Oakland Police Department have opened a resource center across the street from the Summit Campus Emergency Room. The goal of the resource center is to provide beat officers and especially those working the night and swing shift a space to complete reports and use between police calls. Located at 400 34th Street in Oakland, the resource center is equipped with internet access, coffee/beverages and other items. The resource center is not a police sub-station and will not be staffed 24-7 by police but all officers will be able to utilize and access the office 24 hours a day.

-The Neurointerventional Program will begin in September.

-Facilities update: Conference rooms Fir 1, 2, and Elm will permanently close mid-September. All meetings will move to other locations on campus. Please closely check your meeting schedule for changes in meeting locations. Grand Rounds will also be relocated to the Bayview Room on the 11th floor.

-My Virtual Workspace will launch soon. This update will allow you to tap in and out of a workstation, and your exact screen will reappear on the next workstation you tap into. At the end of the day, please remember to log out of My Virtual Workspace. Stay tuned for tip sheets.

-Please remember to secure your EPIC workstation after you finish your work. There was an episode (at another facility) where an employee was caught on tape accessing another employee’s workstation to look up unauthorized patient information under the other person’s username and password. They had forgotten to log out and left their computer open. Unfortunately, both employees breached Sutter privacy policy.

-Sutter is developing a Mental Health Access Center which will create a centralized call center in Utah to help Sutter facilities find inpatient beds, access detox centers, and perform insurance authorizations for patients with mental health needs. The plan is for Sutter to go live in early 2019.

-Medication Reconciliation is required after a patient undergoes a procedure prior to returning to the floor. Patty Fitzgibbons is willing to help any physician with this task. Reminder/tip sheets will be posted in the PACU.

-Sutter Health Institute for Health and Healing is sponsoring a Physician Wellness Retreat October 5-7 in Scott’s Valley This is an overnight retreat that will review research on burnout for healthcare practitioners and it’s prevention, and also help reconnect individuals with a sense of meaning in their work. More information is below.


Joanne Jellin Retirement

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Dear Members of Summit Medical Staff, 

It is with gratitude and sadness that we announce the retirement of Joanne Jellin, PsyD, our esteemed colleague, who has lead the Summit Medical Staff Department for nearly 22 years. She began work at Providence Hospital in 1981 in the Medical Staff Office, subsequently came to Summit to lead our Medical Staff in 1996.  At one point she was asked to lead both the Summit and Alta Bates Medical Staffs for approximately five years. Dr. Jellin has been the heart and soul of our Medical Staff Organization. She has an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge that has guided our Medical Staff leaders through challenging times. She has been a monumental mentor to numerous colleagues throughout the years. She maintains compassion toward physicians and understands the myriad of challenges we face, doing her best to support us. Her presence will be greatly missed in the Medical Staff Office. We genuinely wish her the best in her retirement. Here’s to an amazing career, Dr. Jellin! 

Jill Kacher Cobb, MD


Bay Area Transfer Center Go-Live for ABSMC – Monday, September 3

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Beginning Monday, September 3, all Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (ABSMC) Higher Level of Care transfer and transport service requests for Acute Hospital and ED patients will be managed by the Bay Area Transfer Center located in Novato.

For Lower Level of Care/Non-Acute transfers and transports there is no change in the workflow.  The staff will continue to call Sutter AMR, which is detailed in the Know Do Share.

Our goal is to provide a seamless transition of patients between Sutter Health affiliates and non-Sutter hospitals to provide timely acceptance of patient transfers into our hospitals.

Effective at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, September 3, call 1-888-637-2762 for

Higher Level of Care transfer and transport service requests for Acute Hospital and ED patients

The Bay Area Transfer Center is located in Novato – our team includes the following:

  • Director: Susie Hong
  • Manager: Sophia Hall
  • Medical Director: Lory Wiviott, MD
  • Nurses and Coordinators

Please use the attached Know Do Share to alert your frontline team who utilize the transfer center services. If you have questions, please contact Bay Area Transfer Center at 1-888-637-2762. Thank you.

REVISED Bay Are Transfer Center ABSMC Know Do Share

Ambulatory Specialty Optimization

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ABSMC Pharmacy Policy Updates

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Policy 2022: IV to PO Conversion Program

Overview: Approved at P&T and MEC, this policy allows Pharmacy to convert specific medications in eligible patients from current IV therapy to an oral bioequivalent regimen

MD Notification: A Pharmacy progress note will be entered for all IV to PO conversions

Eligible Patients: Patient is currently tolerating and taking other oral medications (No N/V) or is tolerating food or enteral feeds.

Ineligible Patients: ICU patients, any anatomical reason for impaired oral absorption of medications, treatment indication is outside of Pharmacy scope of practice for that specific medication. For antiinfectives, patients must have stable labs and a treatment indication within Pharmacy scope of practice

Medications (Medication specific nuances in attached policy)

Acetaminophen Famotidine Metronidazole
Azithromycin Fluconazole Multivitamins
Bactrim/Septra Folic Acid Pantoprazole
Ciprofloxacin Levofloxacin Potassium
Clindamycin Levothyroxine Thiamine
Doxycycline Linezolid Voriconazole

Pharmacy Audit Process: Staff will be independently reviewed by Pharmacy leadership to ensure the policy is being followed as outlined, and used only in those who met criteria



Questions/Feedback:  Please contact Pharmacy Management, Krista Bramble ( or Jon Eggers (

Krista Bramble Pharm.D.
Pharmacy Manager
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center – Summit Campus
510-869-8822 (ph)

Jon Eggers, Pharm.D, BCPS
Clinical Coordinator
Summit Campus Pharmacy
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Phone| 510-869-1523
Fax| 510-869-6268



Dr. Rockson Liu – PATCH Hernia Institute

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Dr. Rockson Liu, creator and founder of the PATCH Hernia Institute, presented a webinar this past July entitled “Robotic Surgery Across the Complexity Spectrum of Hernia Repair”. The live web broadcast and discussion was part of the global surgical educational series “Hernia Night in America” sponsored by Intuitive Surgical.  Dr. Liu is a General Surgeon with Epic Care who specializes in minimally invasive hernia repair, foregut, adrenals and abdominal surgeries. He is also the distinguished director of the Robotic Hernia Mentoring/Case Observation site at Alta Bates Summit.  This is the first and only training facility on the west coast for surgeons to learn advanced, robotic assisted, hernia repair techniques using the cutting edge da Vinci Xi robotic system.  Surgeons from all around the country come to the East Bay to learn from Dr. Liu’s experience and expertise in advanced hernia repair.


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In order to place a hold on any potential medical records deficiencies, you have 3 options:

  1. Call the Local HIM/Medical Records Department, Chart Completion Team Summit: 510-869-6545, option 2 (Summit Campus only)
  2. Call or email the S3 physician line (Summit and/or Alta Bates Campus) 855-398-1641, Option 1, or email S3Chart
  3. Call or email the HIM Manager (Summit and/or Alta Bates Campus) Summit: 510-869-8741, or Email

When providers are away from the office, they can also add an Out of Office alert in EPIC. HIM must still be contacted to place chart deficiencies on hold.

Placing an Out of Office, Out of Contact alert in EPIC:


























Order Reconciliation

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Please don’t forget to do Order Reconciliation for Inpatients, Outpatients with Overnight Stay, and Observation

Below is a brief outline of the steps to be taken. For more In-depth training, contact the EHR Physician Liaison, Patty Fitzgibbons, at 510-325-9618 or via email at  If you need immediate help and the liaison is unavailable, please contact the Help Desk at ext. 6747.


  1. Click on the Periop or PeriProc activity tab on the left side of your screen.
  2. Select the Post-Op to Floor tab
  3. Select Order Reconciliation
  4. 1. Review Current Orders (it is helpful to sort by Order Set)




2. Review Prior to Admission Medications (add/modify list if needed)3. Reorder Prior to Admission Medications (Select either Order, Replace, Don’t Order or Discontinue)





4. New Orders: Enter your Post Op Order Set + any Additional Orders







5. Review and Sign Double check that you have not discontinued orders that are needed on the floor. Be sure that you have continued orders that you want to remain on the floor. Sign – Will be initiated by receiving unit

Bariatric Surgery – Ajay Upadhyay, MD

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The BEST (Bariatric Endoscopy Surgery Trends) Metabolic Surgery Conference was held this past June 15th to 17th in Pune, India.  The well organized and attended event boasted an international faculty with some of the most accomplished and skilled pioneers in the field, including Epic Care’s very own bariatric specialist Dr. Ajay Upadhyay.  The conference was an opportunity to share cutting edge clinical innovations, trends, and techniques among the world’s most experienced surgeons.  In addition to more traditional sessions, the program included 16 real-time, live procedure broadcasts with panel moderators to facilitate bidirectional dialogue and even included a remote procedure from Brazil!  For his part, Dr. Upadhyay performed a live laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in the operating theatre and served as a moderator panel chairperson for his colleagues.  He was selected to present the only video keynote session on robotic bariatric surgery and a second video on robotic redo procedures.  “It was a really wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas with some of the foremost providers in our field.  And the food was really good too!”

As a general surgeon, Dr. Upadhyay brings decades of expertise to the team here in the East Bay. His specialties include Laparoscopic and Robotic Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery, Bariatric Surgery and Advanced Gastrointestinal Surgery.  Moreover, Dr. Upadhyay just completed his 500th robotic surgery- a significant milestone in minimally invasive surgery (MIS) practice and a true testament to his dedication to the craft of medicine.  Congratulations to Dr. Upadhyay for his achievement and for being invited to participate in the BEST Metabolic Surgery Conference!



Sutter Health IHH Event – From Burnout to Brilliance

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Sutter Health Institute for Health and Healing is organizing an event on physician burnout and well-being. Based on your participation in the Wellbeing Summit we thought this may be of interest to you. It will be held at the new 1440 retreat center in Scotts Valley from Friday night, October 5 through Sunday morning October 7. The purpose of the weekend is to review research on burnout and its prevention, explore how to reconnect with a sense of meaning in our unique work, and learn clinically proven tools for well-being like yoga and mindfulness practice. It’s also in a beautiful retreat setting in Scotts Valley where people can hike and be close to nature. Sutter Health IHH Event – From Burnout to Brilliance

Taking care of people is some of the most rewarding work we do as human beings. When we do it as overworked healthcare professionals, it can burden and exhaust us at profound levels. Studies show that a great many doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers suffer from a jaded perspective, a decreased capacity to feel empathy, and a dwindling sense of professional satisfaction.

How did we get here?

In this weekend retreat, Sutter Health physician Dr. Akil Palanisamy and co-director of the California Center for Functional Medicine Chris Kresser, MS, LAc, examine the root causes of burnout for healthcare practitioners and the ways to overcome them.

Through discussion, writing, creative expression, and artistic activities you will:

  • Rediscover your passion for medicine and reconnect with a sense of meaning and purpose in your work
  • Explore practical steps you can take to reclaim your health and well-being
  • Rediscover important parts of yourself that lack expression and have been neglected in the busyness of life
  • Learn to create a practice that reawakens your sense of energy and vitality in the workplace.

Leave with tools and techniques to create the foundation for healing and transforming yourself, those you care for, and the culture of our healthcare system.

For more info please visit