President’s Message

President’s Message

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We welcome back David Clark who will be our interim CEO while Jerry Kozai is out on leave.

Congratulations to the Cardiovascular Surgery team on their coveted 3 star rating from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons! Only 63 programs qualify for reporting in the state, and out of these, only three programs have a three star composite CABG score. This is a testament to the team work and dedication of our cardiovascular surgeons, nursing staff in the OR, CPU, and PCU 8, perfusionists, anesthesiologists, ICU physicians, hospitalists, cardiologists and physical and occupational therapists.

On September 24 and 25, Sarah Krevans, CEO of Sutter Health, came to visit ABSMC and attended our Medical Staff Leadership Meeting. We shared with her our many successes over the past year. She discussed the current health care environment including the state and national political landscape, the potential impacts of legislation surrounding balanced billing, and shared a “state of the union” regarding Sutter Health. We also heard about her goals since she became CEO of Sutter Health four years ago, including better access to mental health services, increased political involvement at the state and national level, and diversity of leadership within Sutter Health. We had a chance to ask questions about the overall vision and direction of Sutter Health and how we can better position ourselves in the increasingly competitive health care markets.

Please come join us for the Closed Active Medical Staff Meeting at Bechtel Hall in Samuel Merritt on Thursday November 14 at 5:30pm! Dinner, wine and beer will be served. All active medical staff members are invited. Please come and learn about what’s been happening over the past year. We’ve been busy, and are looking forward to sharing our successes, challenges and future direction! We will present two awards, the President’s Award and the Quality Award. Come see who we will celebrate! And finally, we will form the nominating committee that will choose the next Medical Staff Vice President (who will move on and become President) and Secretary/Treasurer. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tis the season for the Physician Satisfaction Survey. If you work at both campuses, you will receive two surveys. If a question does not apply to your experience, please skip the question, as responding “neutral” will decrease the overall score. This year, we will have a new free text question about physician wellness, specifically asking what we can do to improve physician well-being. Also, please be frank when answering each of the free text questions. We will compile the answers and work with administration to do our best to address the issues arising from the survey. If you have a solution to the issue, please share in the free text as creative solutions are always welcome!

Mr. Fulbright, our new Ethicist, came to MEC to discuss his new role. His new role includes working with the Summit and AB Ethics Committees on how to support unrepresented patients, developing and revising policies, helping to resolve treatment option conflicts between care team members and patients and/or their families, and providing education through grand rounds and also on units with staff. He offered to attend Department meetings upon request.


Take care,

Jill Kacher Cobb, MD
President, Summit Campus, ABSMC




President’s Message

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  • The New Physician and Allied Health Professional Meet and Greet has been reinstated and will take place in the Bay View Conference room on the 11th floor on September 25 from 4-6 pm.  Please come join us for conversation, wine, and appetizers, and meet your new colleagues!
  • The Annual Closed Active Medical Staff Meeting is tentatively November 13th or 14th  at 5:30 pm at the Health Education Center Bechtel room.  We will be forming the nominating committee for the next Medical Staff Vice President (who will become President) and the Secretary/Treasurer of the Medical Staff at this meeting. Please help participate in choosing our future Medical Staff Leaders! Also, we will give a “year in review” presentation about what’s been accomplished over the past year. Our CEO Jerry Kozai will give a presentation regarding the state of affairs at ABSMC. Jeff Chen, MD, our Vice President, will give departmental updates including quality and improvement measures. Dinner, wine and beer will be served, and there will be plenty of time to socialize with your colleagues.
  • Room service is in full swing. Patients can now order the food they want at the time they want it. It takes approximately 45 minutes to receive their food.
  • The new MRI will be open for business at the end of October; hopefully, there will not be any further delays.
  • Work continues on the hybrid OR causing disruption in hallway traffic. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


Take care,

Jill Kacher Cobb, MD
President, Summit Campus, ABSMC


President’s Message

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I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. 

We’ve had some great weather and hopefully you’ve been able to get out and take a break from work and enjoy life.

Remember to take care of yourself!

Welcome back Ursi! Ursula Boynton began July 15 as our new Chief Medical Officer. We look forward to working (again!) with you!

The new opening date for the cafeteria and physician lounge is Monday, August 5, and the planned opening for the new MRI is now at the end of August.

There will be a Wellness bookshelf in the physician lounge. The committee has slowly been collecting books, thanks to Dr. Lenny Husen. Feel free to check out books, and please remember to return them as soon as you are finished so another colleague can enjoy.

We are currently working on expanding our Well-being program. More to come in the future on this topic.

Christopher Mack from the Sutter Specialty Network is continuing to work with physicians to learn more about their practice and ensuring they are on their list of specialists accepting referrals. The network helps physicians within our system, and in One Medical Group, find specialty referrals. Christopher’s email address is

Our Medical Staff is working with Tyler Bennett, Sutter Bay Strategy, and our Administration, to help develop a local strategy plan for ABSMC.

ABSMC started a recognition program to highlight physicians, nurses, and staff who have gone above and beyond caring for our patients. Congratulations to Bryan Wong, M.D. and Arash Minaie, D.O. for receiving the Hummingbird Award. Congratulation to Esau Zavala-Hernandez, R.N., Brittney Faumina, R.N., Mercediata Trinidad, B.S.N, R.N., Carolyn Wong, R.N., and Gina, B.S.N., R.N., for receiving the Daisy Award and congratulations to Michael Simpson, R.T., for receiving the Butterfly Award.


Take care,

Jill Kacher Cobb, M.D.
President, Summit Medical Staff, ABSMC


President’s Message

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First, a hearty welcome to Ursula (Ursi) Boynton, M.D., our new Chief Medical Officer.
As many of you know, Ursi was our administrative Medical Director under Steve O’Brien, M.D., our past CMO. She practiced as a hospitalist at ABSMC for many years. Welcome back Ursi!

This month, we also welcome back Jerry Kozai, our CEO. We look forward to continuing to work with you, further defining the strategic vision and growth of ABSMC.

In addition, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to David Clark, our interim CEO. You jumped in feet first with a great attitude and energy. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Please add to your calendar the Joint Summit and Alta Bates Medical Staff Holiday party. It will take place at Trader Vic’s on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

Starting August 5, we will have a new Bioethicist, Robert Fulbright. He will work closely with our Ethics Committee, bringing his expertise to our hospital, which will greatly benefit our patients experiencing challenging circumstances.

A special thank you goes out to our Wellbeing Committee for hosting another successful Physician Mindfulness retreat.

The Peer Support program continues to receive referrals and is actively reaching out to our colleagues. We hope those of you who have been contacted have felt comforted and supported! If you would like to speak with a Peer Supporter or if there is someone who you think would benefit from Peer Support, please email This program is only for members of the Summit and/or Alta Bates Medical Staff.

We will continue to build up our community and support one another. The Wellbeing Committee is moving on to the next phase, mapping out what we can do to further benefit our medical staff community. We will also partner with administration to help ease some of the barriers of practicing medicine at the hospital. More to come…


Jill Kacher Cobb, MD

President, Summit Medical Staff, ABSMC


President’s Message

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Longer, warmer days
Rain’s falling, flowers blooming|
Summer’s almost here

Congratulations to our amazing TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) team! They have now completed over 500 procedures. This exemplary program began in 2014 and continues to grow and deliver outcomes rivaling top programs around the world.

Earlier in May, we had an unexpected Joint Commission Stroke survey and had ZERO findings. This is really quite impressive! The survey team was complimentary on the work everyone is doing to improve outcomes for patients who suffer from a stroke.

On Saturday June 8, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the Medical Staff Physician Well Being Committee is supporting the third annual Physician Wellness Retreat at Green Gulch Farm, Muir Beach. Please email Dr. Lenny Husen at if you are interested in attending. There are only one or two spaces left. The retreat fee is $125.

The new opening date for the Cafeteria, MRI, and Doctor’s lounge is mid July.

ED construction continues. The ED back corridor will be closed. Also, please do not park in the ED parking lot. With the ongoing construction and busy ambulance bay, there is limited parking. Our on call physician colleagues are having a tough time finding parking in this lot, which should be reserved for on call physicians only, allowing them quick access to the ED.

The hybrid OR is slated to open in October. Due to construction, traffic on the 3rd floor will be rerouted.

There was a recent case of measles in the Berkeley community. You can check your titers, and if necessary, receive a MMR booster at Employee Health. This service is free to all Medical Staff Physicians and APCs.

If you unfortunately have an accidental needle stick and are a member of the Medical Staff, you can be evaluated for free in the Emergency Department. Please be sure to tell the person registering you that you are a member of the Medical Staff, need to be seen for a needle stick and evaluated for blood born pathogen exposure. This information will allow them to use the appropriate physician corporate account so you are not sent a bill. Thank you to the Hospital Administration and our Emergency Room Physicians for providing this free service!

And finally, thank you to our CME, Dr. Filip Roos, who’s last day will be June 21. We wish you success in your future endeavors!


Jill Kacher Cobb, MD
President, Summit Medical Staff, ABSMC

President’s Message

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Alta Bates Summit Medical Center recently received a five star rating (five out of five) from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)! This high accolade is given to only 293 hospitals in the United States.  The overall hospital star ratings are based on 57 quality measures across seven categories including effectiveness of care, mortality, patient experience, readmissions, safety of care, and timeliness of care. Congratulations to all of our physicians and hospital staff! Our high quality care is now recognized nationally!

Also, congratulations on a very successful Joint Commission Survey. Everyone pulled together to show the JC our incredible programs and, quite frankly, what we do every day. Over the week, a series of positive comments were made by the surveyors including our strong physician engagement and physician leadership, team work, and our focus on patient safety. Specifically, one of the surveyors mentioned that successful hospitals typically have an engaged medical staff and also strong physician leadership throughout the organization. Many studies demonstrate that physician leadership in the hospital correlates with improved patient outcomes, better organizational performance, and improved effectiveness of a healthcare organization. It makes sense as our primary value is that the needs of the patient come first. Thank you all for being engaged! Also, thank you to all of the physician leaders in our hospital!

The Joint Commission also highlighted many of our programs stating they consider many as “best practice.” Specific programs highlighted include our Preoperative Clinic, TAVR program, Blood Management program, and our improving glycemic control initiative. It’s also incredible that the COO of the Joint Commission plans to highlight ABSMC on the national stage. They will interview our teams to find out what we are doing right and the secret to becoming a successful organization. We really do have our patients at the center of our care. Thank you for all that you do for our patients and our community. Each one of you is amazing.

On another note, the new physician lounge, cafeteria, and MRI openings have been delayed. The new opening date has been moved to mid-June. There is a possibility that the MRI may open sooner. Also, there will be ongoing construction in the Emergency Department. Please do not park in the ED parking lot during the construction~thank you!

Take care,

Jill Kacher Cobb, MD
President, Summit Medical Staff, ABSMC