Health Information Management Update: Be a shining star…Sign your Verbal Orders within 48 hours to help us reach 95% compliance.

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What can you and your team do?

  1. Reach out to your Department Chair or HIM Manager to ask for your personal stats on VO compliance.
  2. Hardwire the process.  It is recommended VO be signed every day.  Ensure your orders are covered if going off service or on vacation.  Remember to notify HIM if going on vacation during holiday’s so that we can place your deficiencies on hold.
  3. Start a competition with other providers within your department.  Who has the best compliance?
  4. Post the compliance report monthly when sent to Department Chairs.
  5. We have been working to improve compliance for years.  It is vital that we continue to improve and then sustain.

American College of Surgeons Honors Alta Bates Summit Medical Center for Quality Surgical Care

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Flu Vaccination Mandatory for Healthcare Workers in Berkeley or Alameda County

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Sutter Community Connect

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Kristina Kury, M.D., Pulmonology Receives Caring for People Hummingbird Award

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Dr. Kury is the epitome of a good physician; she is kind, caring, calm and professional. Dr. Kury is respected by everyone who works with her. She treats everyone around her with respect and takes time to listen to what they have to say. She also shares critical feedback with poise and without judgement.

As a member of the healthcare team, I am proud to be working side by side with her. Her practice is based on kindness, intellectual understanding of best practices and logical reasoning. She is well respected because she knows how to command respect whether it’s during a critical care meeting discussion or during rounds or at the bedside, talking to patients. Dr. Kury talks to her patients with compassion and explains the disease processes and therapies in a way they can understand. She is inclusive in care planning and soliciting best practices from other members of the healthcare team. She openly engages and patiently educates staff about clinical practice to improve patient care.

Dr. Kury encourages active participation of the health care team. She actively listens to them and makes them feel comfortable to voice out their ideas and opinions. Dr. Kury always makes us an equally important part of the team; a true hummingbird, the symbolism of healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy. It’s always a pleasure to work with you.

Submitted by: Michael Chui, RRT Respiratory Care Services, Clinical Educator/Coordinator of RCS

Alta Bates Summit Celebrates National Pharmacy Week (Oct. 18 -24) Thank You to Our Summit Inpatient Pharmacy Team!

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