A Message from David Clark, Interim CEO – New Summit Cafe

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Dear ABSMC Staff, Physicians, and Volunteers,

I am excited to share that our Merritt Ground Floor renovation project at the Summit campus in Oakland is nearly complete.  After operating for more than 40 years on the first floor of the Merritt Pavilion, our Food and Nutrition Department and Doctor’s Lounge are preparing to move into a brand-new, expanded space on the ground floor level.

The new 15,000 square-foot Food and Nutrition Department will accommodate an expansive kitchen and dining area that will be more customer-service focused and provide our staff with a better work environment. A new MRI suite will also be housed on the ground floor level.

The new Summit Café will accommodate approximately 300 guests for dining and features an open, spacious design in the serving area and a more comfortable seating area with plenty of natural light. In addition a food serving area with specialty stations will offer different styles of cooking and made to order dishes.

We are committed to investing in our employees and partnering with our Food and Nutrition Team to ensure that our transition to the new space is successful. Our number one priority is to support our employees and help develop their skills in this new environment.

Over the next few months, we may modify and reduce the full range of the current Summit café offerings while our Food and Nutrition department begins cross-training their staff as they prepare for the big move. This means the café grills, pizza station and salad/deli bar could be closed periodically and we may reduce down to one cashier on duty.

I appreciate everyone for being patient and understanding while our Food and Nutrition team works through this transition. The new Summit Café is an opportunity for us to revitalize and renew our entire operation and I’m confident that our Food & Nutrition Team will shine with confidence and pride in their new home.

A celebration is being planned in the next few months and we encourage all of our employees, physicians, and volunteers to join the opening of this beautiful new addition to our Summit campus.

David Clark, Interim CEO

Alta Bates Summit TAVR Program Reaches Milestone of 500 Procedures

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Alta Bates Summit TAVR Program Reaches Milestone of 500 Procedures

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substance (EPSC)

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The technology Sutter Health uses for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) will change starting June 3, 2019.  We will be using an updated technology from our current vendor, Imprivata, called Confirm ID that will meet the two-factor authentication regulations that go into place in January 2020.

The change will be implemented in two phases:

Phase 1: Go-Live, Monday, June 3, 2019

  • The prompt for signature of an electronic controlled substance will look different
  • The password will be required first
  • During this phase, you will use your existing authentication method of password and SecureAuth codes
  • There are no changes to your phone application in this phase
  • Below is what the new prompt for signature will look like:

Phase 2:  Phased Rollout between June 3 and December 31, 2019

  • Supervised enrollment will occur at numerous Sutter Health locations in the coming months
  • Supervised enrollment is the process by which we physically witness and enroll providers in their authentication method in compliance with DEA and State regulations
  • Enrollment dates for each location will be communicated to you 30 days prior to each event, along with directions on how to prepare for the enrollment event.

Early enrollment:  Providers who wish to enroll in the new system prior to the upcoming enrollment fairs may contact a physician liaison for assistance after June 3rd.

Summit:  Patty Fitzgibbons, 510-325-9618
Ashby:      Shala Thomas, 510-204-3023



Medical Records

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Please remember to sign your verbal/telephone orders timely. Medical Staff Regulations and Regulatory Requirements state that Verbal and Telephone Orders must be signed within 48 hours.

Situation: Currently at 88% compliance with this measure. Our compliance goal is to be 90% or better. Please do your part and sign your orders ASAP.

Below are some handy tips:

Hardwired signing your Verbal/Telephone Orders.  Make signing deficiencies the first and last thing you do daily

Sign ALL Verbal/Telephone orders including Discontinues and Canceled order

Work with your group to sign orders for each other.  Inform your team when going off service and ask that your orders be signed.  Patty Fitzgibbons or Shala Thomas will work with you and your group to make it easy to sign each other’s verbal orders.

Inform Health Information Management when going on vacation so deficiencies can be placed on hold while you are out.

In order to place a hold on any potential medical record deficiencies, you have 3 options:

1. Call the local HIM/Medical Records Department, Chart Completion Team at Summit: 510-869-6465, option 2 (Summit Campus only).
2. Call or email the S3 physician line (Summit and/or Alta Bates Campus) 855-398-1641, option 1 or email:  S3ChartCompletionTeam@
3. Call or email the HIM Manager (Summit and/or Alta Bates Campus) Summit: 510-869-8741, or email

Improving Patient Blood Management

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Single unit RBC transfusion strategy:  Our improvement efforts over the past year were applauded during our recent Joint Commission survey.  And even more impressive, we have been able to sustain that improvement over the past few months:  65% to 70% of transfuse orders are for 1 RBC unit.  The statistics exclude RBC transfusions for sickle cell disease, GI hemorrhage and post-partum hemorrhage.

Recommendation: Don’t transfuse more RBC units than absolutely necessary.  Give single unit RBC transfusions in stable, non-bleeding hospitalized patients; and reassess the patient and check a HGB level after the single-unit transfusion to decide if a second unit is needed.

Updated Department/Group/Provider-specific data will be shared with your leaders.  Please contact Crystal Huber (510-570-6592 or if you are interested in seeing your provider-specific data.

Next steps:

  • Updated indications for transfusion will be shared after MEC approval
  • Review platelet utilization

Sutter Community Connect

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