Wellness Committee Update

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Our “Mindfulness for Physicians” retreat mid-April was a big success.  For those interested, but unable to attend, you can always make it next year!

We are working on the final details for the “Peer Support Program to Promote Wellness”, but we have the dates either Saturday 9/15 here in the east bay or 9/17 Monday in Sacramento.  If you are planning on joining us for this half day event, save the date!  If you are interested in learning more about it, let me know!

Want to join our committee, we are always looking for new ideas and new perspectives. If you can’t spare the time, we will be coming to all the departmental meeting to ask about sources of frustration and ideas to create a healthy work culture so we will see you there!

Leif Hass, MD and member of the Wellness Committee
(510) 333-8681

Welcome New Providers

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JonPaul Seslar, DPM
3000 Colby St., Ste. 107
Berkeley, CA  94705-2090

(510) 647-3567

From the Medical Staff Office

Dr. John Joseph Becchetti

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April 15th Mindfulness for Physicians Retreat

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Maternal Medicine Open House

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Workplace Violence Training

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On Behalf of William Isenberg, M.D., Ph.D. Vice President, Patient Safety, Sutter Health

By April 1, California law (Title 8 Section 3342) requires adoption of certain standards to protect healthcare workers from aggressive and violent behavior. Since all hospital employees our care team colleagues with whom we work every day will be taking Sutter-developed mandatory training, I strongly encourage that all of us view this Workplace Violence Prevention training ( and review Workplace Violence Prevention plans for facilities where we enjoy hospital privileges. There are three broad categories of physicians defined by their relationship with the hospital, and training obligations vary among them:

  1. Physicians who are directly employed by Sutter Health are subject to Cal-OSHA jurisdiction and should complete this Sutter-developed training program ( and submit attestation that they have done so to their respective Medical Staff Offices.
  2. Physicians who are members of medical groups that are contracted by a Sutter Health affiliate for the provision of care to our patients (e.g. ED physician groups, anesthesia physician groups, etc.) similarly fall under Cal-OSHA jurisdiction and should participate in training. This may be accomplished using the Sutter-developed training referenced above. You’re also welcome to use training materials that your medical group might have already provided you. Given the interdependence of roles and documentation requirements within the electronic health record, the Sutter training will likely most effectively describe the workflows we will experience in daily work. Regardless of which training this group of physicians chooses, submission of an attestation of completion to the Medical Staff Office is needed.
  3. Physicians not affiliated in any other way, or are exclusively independent contractors, are not mandated under law to complete Sutter-developed training. That said, as we are seeing with increasing frequency in the news, persons with violent behaviors rarely, if ever, take the time to check credentials before escalating and hurting others. In fact, the opposite is true – their actions are unpredictable. This is precisely why I encourage each of us take this training, whether legally mandated or not.

This law applies to all Sutter Health-affiliated general acute care hospitals, psychiatric facilities and Sutter Care at Home. Additionally for hospitals, the regulation applies to any hospital-based outpatient clinics, and other operations located at a health facility and all off-site operations included under the hospital license. While we are committed to fully comply with this law, Sutter Health’s broader goal is to reduce assaults, injuries and aggressive behavior in all of our facilities.

Workplace Violence Prevention Training and Facility Plan

  1. Please complete this training ( and review the attached facility Workplace Violence Prevention plan by June 30, 2018.
  2. Please review affiliate-specific Workplace Violence Prevention (http://mysutter/Resources/SystemDepartments/protective-services/Pages/Violence-Prevention-Plans-Affiliates.aspx) Plans for each affiliate at which you provide services. (Note: you will need to be on a Sutter Health network connected computer to access.)
  3. Please complete this attestation form ( and return to your local Medical Staff Office. Attestation forms are needed to meet the record-keeping provisions of the law.
  4. We estimate time for the training and plan review to take approximately 45 minutes.
  5. For more information about the Workplace Violence Prevention Program, see this fact sheet (

Thank you for your attention to this important program. Consistent with being a high reliability organization, the Workplace Violence Prevention Program is one more way Sutter Health seeks to eliminate harm to our patients and workforce and to improve our ability to provide safe patient care.

For more information, please contact the Program Administrator at your Sutter Affiliate or email

Facility Name WPV Program Administrators Email Address Phone Number
ABSMC – Summit Erick Wilkinson 510-869-8724
ABSMC Merritt Pavilion Erick Wilkinson 510-869-8724