Improving Patient Blood Management

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Our initial focus on a single unit RBC transfusion strategy continues to show improvement.  The % of transfuse orders for 1 RBC unit has increased from 37% to almost 60%.  The statistics exclude RBC transfusions for sickle cell disease, GI hemorrhage and post-partum hemorrhage.

Recommendation: Don’t transfuse more RBC units than absolutely necessary.  Give single unit RBC transfusions in stable, non-bleeding hospitalized patients, with reassessment of the patient after the single-unit transfusion to decide if a second unit is needed.

RBC transfusion decisions should be influenced by patient symptoms and HGB level.  AABB guidelines support a restrictive HGB transfusion threshold:

  • 0 gm/dL for stable, non-bleeding hospitalized patients
  • 0 gm/dL for stable orthopedic, cardiovascular or cardiac surgery patients

During Jan-Oct 2018, ~25% of RBC units were transfused to patients with a HGB > 8.0 gm/dL.  The Blood Utilization Committee will begin drilling down on these cases to determine if transfusion was indicated.

To achieve the single unit RBC transfusion strategy, please remember to:

  • Place Type & Crossmatch and/or Transfuse orders for 1 unit in Epic.
  • Order post-transfusion hemoglobin [LABHGB] and reassess patient to determine if a second RBC unit is needed. A post-transfusion HGB can be drawn as soon as 15 minutes after the transfusion is completed.

Annette Shaieb, MD


New Summit Cafeteria, MRI and Doctors Lounge Scheduled to Open in 2019

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Clayton Warren | October 24th, 2018

The current Merritt Ground Floor renovation project at the Alta Bates Summit campus in Oakland is progressing on schedule and involves building out the future Dietary Department, MRI Suite and Doctor’s Lounge. The new 15,000 square-foot Dietary Department will accommodate an expansive kitchen, food court and seating area that will be more customer-service focused and provide our staff with a better work environment.

The new cafeteria will accommodate nearly 200 guests for dining and features an open, spacious design in the servery area. In addition a food serving area organized food-court style with specialty stations will offer different styles of cooking and dishes.






















New Summit Cafeteria Will Benefit Patients, Employees & Physicians

The 8,600 square foot kitchen/food preparation area is designed to operate under a room service model. This means the conventional tray line will be a thing of the past and build-your-own menus and food made to order on the patient’s schedule will soon be the norm. The MRI Suite will feature a new state- of-the-art 3 Tesla model MRI machine. The Doctor’s Lounge will feature quiet space, a conference area and will accommodate 44 seats for dining. Currently construction for all three components of this project is expected to be complete by the spring of 2019.


National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week 

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In 1992, President George Bush issued a proclamation designating the first week of November as “National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week,” to acknowledge and thank medical services professionals (MSPs) for playing “an important role in our nation’s healthcare system.”

The American Medical Association-Organized Medical Staff Section also recognizes the medical services profession in a resolution that formally acknowledges “the importance and value of medical services professionals to the healthcare organization and its physician members, and recognizes their contribution and dedication in preserving quality patient care.”

When you visit a hospital, you see the doctors, the nurses, and other medical personnel. What you don’t see are the people behind the scenes who make certain the credentials of all practitioners who are caring for you are correct and have been verified.

MSPs are experts in provider credentialing and privileging, medical staff organization, accreditation and regulatory compliance, and provider relations in the diverse healthcare industry. They credential and monitor ongoing competence of the physicians and other practitioners who provide patient care services in hospitals, managed care organizations, and other healthcare settings.

MSPs are a vital part of the community’s healthcare team. They are dedicated to making certain that all patients receive care from practitioners who are properly educated, licensed, and trained in their specialty.

Workplace Violence Prevention – Jerry Kozai, CEO ABSMC

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Jerry Kozai with Anne Kirkpatrick, Oakland Chief of Police

To address the serious issue of workplace violence incidents occurring in our Emergency Department and other areas of our facilities, members of our executive leadership have formed a workplace violence steering committee. That committee includes Rose Calhan, COO, Denise Navellier, CNE, and administrative management in cooperation with our security, risk and safety teams.

The purpose of the committee is to assess incidents and evaluate security risks, so that we can develop a strategy to help prevent workplace violence. Providing a safe environment for our patients, physicians and employees is a top priority for the committee—and for the entire executive leadership team. Because our goal is always to prevent violence before it occurs, the committee has also:

  • Added security shift supervisors at our campuses on all shifts to increase accountability and response time.
  • Worked to strengthen our existing relationship with law enforcement agencies to help them provide better support to our organization. In addition to the Neighborhood Resource Center collaboration with the Oakland Police Department, we are looking to create a similar partnership with the Berkeley Police Department.
  • Recommended that key violence prevention tools like Risk for Violence Assessments and signage be implemented campus wide.

Reporting Workplace Violence

  • Reporting work place violence is crucial. If you have a security concern for patients, physicians or employees, please call the house supervisor.
  • We encourage all our employees to be our eyes and ears to report safety issues.
  • Please continue to report workplace violence in MIDAS and inform your supervisor.

Our top priority is to create a safe environment for our patients, physicians and employees. If you have specific concerns or ideas on how to improve the safety of our workplace, please talk to your manager. Our leadership team values your feedback and we’ll continue to update you on our progress.


Joanne Jellin Retirement

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Dear Members of Summit Medical Staff, 

It is with gratitude and sadness that we announce the retirement of Joanne Jellin, PsyD, our esteemed colleague, who has lead the Summit Medical Staff Department for nearly 22 years. She began work at Providence Hospital in 1981 in the Medical Staff Office, subsequently came to Summit to lead our Medical Staff in 1996.  At one point she was asked to lead both the Summit and Alta Bates Medical Staffs for approximately five years. Dr. Jellin has been the heart and soul of our Medical Staff Organization. She has an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge that has guided our Medical Staff leaders through challenging times. She has been a monumental mentor to numerous colleagues throughout the years. She maintains compassion toward physicians and understands the myriad of challenges we face, doing her best to support us. Her presence will be greatly missed in the Medical Staff Office. We genuinely wish her the best in her retirement. Here’s to an amazing career, Dr. Jellin! 

Jill Kacher Cobb, MD


Bay Area Transfer Center Go-Live for ABSMC – Monday, September 3

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Beginning Monday, September 3, all Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (ABSMC) Higher Level of Care transfer and transport service requests for Acute Hospital and ED patients will be managed by the Bay Area Transfer Center located in Novato.

For Lower Level of Care/Non-Acute transfers and transports there is no change in the workflow.  The staff will continue to call Sutter AMR, which is detailed in the Know Do Share.

Our goal is to provide a seamless transition of patients between Sutter Health affiliates and non-Sutter hospitals to provide timely acceptance of patient transfers into our hospitals.

Effective at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, September 3, call 1-888-637-2762 for

Higher Level of Care transfer and transport service requests for Acute Hospital and ED patients

The Bay Area Transfer Center is located in Novato – our team includes the following:

  • Director: Susie Hong
  • Manager: Sophia Hall
  • Medical Director: Lory Wiviott, MD
  • Nurses and Coordinators

Please use the attached Know Do Share to alert your frontline team who utilize the transfer center services. If you have questions, please contact Bay Area Transfer Center at 1-888-637-2762. Thank you.

REVISED Bay Are Transfer Center ABSMC Know Do Share