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Last month was AAPI heritage month, and I had the opportunity to participate on a systemwide forum, sponsored by the Sutter Multicultural inclusion and Diversity Group, as a panelist to discuss the experience of Asians in today’s troubling climate of rising hate crimes and violence. It was widely well received, and a similar forum was replicated locally, sponsored by the ABSMC Diversity and Inclusion Council. I appreciate all who were able to attend. Some tough questions were asked and not easily answered, but a dialogue was started, and there is intrinsic value to that. I will try to keep you updated on future forums regarding diversity and inclusion.

Here is the link to the recorded event, but it does need to be opened within the Sutter network due to privacy concerns.

On the COVID front, things are feeling eerily more normal. We are testing less thanks to less symptomatic patients, and given the vaccination rate, we have been able to avoid unnecessary screening tests on admission or pre-operatively. We even have hit a new low of cases in the hospital since the beginning of the pandemic! Thanks to Dr. Boynton for her regular updates.

I have been thankful to be able ride my bike outdoors and not wear a mask! I anticipate however that we will be wearing masks in the hospital for the foreseeable future.

We soon may be able to have indoor meetings, but we are waiting on SHEMS guidance based on local health department and CDC guidelines.

In Alameda County, nearly 64% of eligible residents have received at least one dose of vaccine!

This is taken from the CA COVID 19 page.

More information is available from:

You can look up vaccination rates by zip code on this website as well.

California is projected to open up on June 15, with restrictions lifted on most indoor gatherings aside from mega-events.

If you’re vaccinated, you will be eligible for the Vaccine Lottery – 10 winners of $1.5 million, 30 winners of $50,000!

Vaccine hesitancy however is still real within certain communities and people of color. Please take the time to ask your patients if they have been vaccinated, and if not, what barriers exist to their receiving the vaccine.

Lastly, please update your Sutter Profile.

As a member of the medical staff, you should have a Sutter online MD profile. Some of you might not. Some of yours might be out of date. In 2020, physician profiles on were viewed > 17 million times. Please take a moment to review and update your profile with a current photo and campus information to make sure any info being posted is accurate. Thanks.

Step 1: Review your profile =

Step 2: Update your profile = Complete sections. Scroll to the bottom and hit “submit”

Once you submit this form, they will update it within 1-2 weeks. If you have any questions or need assistance with your online profile, please email

Jeff Chen MD, MPH, FACEP
Chief of Staff, ABSMC Summit Campus