Patient Thanks Dr. Rita Kwan-Feinberg for Her Thoroughness That May Have Saved Her Life

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“I am an ABSMC patient writing to tell you a story about an amazing doctor who quite possibly saved my life – she for sure left me with an inspiring breast cancer story to tell, rather than a harrowing one.

Rita Kwan-Feinberg, M.D.

I was first referred to Dr. Rita Kwan-Feinberg by my general practitioner, Dr. Mary Miller when I inquired about an umbilical hernia I had been dealing with since my twins were born eight-years-ago. Upon exam, Dr. Kwan-Feinberg figured out that I also had an inguinal hernia, laying out my options ranging from laparoscopic surgery to no action. Hernia diagnosis aside, she noticed the prevalence of late onset breast cancer in my family – both my mom and my maternal aunt got breast cancer at around age 60.

In response to a question from the doctor about my cancer risk, I must have said – maybe somewhat flippantly – that for me, it was less about whether I’d get breast cancer and more about when. Once we were done talking about a possible hernia surgery, she re-visited my breast cancer risk and asked if I’d be willing to make a separate (virtual) appointment to do an assessment of my breast cancer risk. It turned out, weighing my entire health history, that my chance of getting breast cancer was about 34 percent.

From there, Dr. Kwan-Feinberg went over things I could do to reduce that chance, but she also recommended I start doing a breast MRI once a year, along with a mammogram once a year too. The two diagnostics were to be spread out every six months.

I went ahead and underwent the hernia surgery. Two weeks later I was due for the breast MRI. In my mind, I was just kicking off a new, more intense detection regimen. It turned out to be the kick-off of a breast cancer diagnosis!

They found a lump in my right breast and a biopsy confirmed it was Stage 1, Grade 1 Lobular Breast Cancer, something that didn’t show up on the mammogram I had six months prior.

I really am one of the luckiest woman around and all thanks to Dr. Kwan-Feinberg and her amazing intellect, intuition, bedside manner, knowledge, thoroughness and passion for a holistic, preventive based approach to medicine. That sneaky lump would have never shown up in a mammogram and it would have likely grown for years before I knew it was there – were it not for Dr. Kwan-Feinberg and that MRI…and she was just my hernia surgeon (initially anyway)!

I can’t say enough about what a superwoman she is – an incredible doctor and person. In addition to helping to relay the message of early diagnostic testing for those women with a higher risk of breast cancer, I also feel compelled to relay my kudos to one of the finest medical professionals I’ve ever met!”

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