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Those moments when we first meet a patient, give them important news and send them home are times that can create the most meaning for us.  For our patients, they build trust and provide a sense of groundedness and hope.

The doctor patient relationship is scared; let’s approach these important moments with the patient with the appropriate respect.

These moments are important for the institution.  Our patients’ thoughts about our encounters with them are the outward face of our institution.  It effects our reputation and our bottom line. 

Here is what our patients will be asked:

During your hospital stay, how often did your doctor:

  1. Treat with courtesy and respect?
  2. Listen carefully to you?
  3. Explain things in a way you could understand?

Patient encounters that reinforce our sense of purpose and help our patients answer those questions with an enthusiastic “always” don’t have to take longer.  It only takes presence of mind and an open heart!  And remember this is a practice we can all continually work on to improve upon

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