Patient Experience at ABSMC

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Patient Experience at ABSMC

Gaunt and disheveled, Ms. R looked emotionally and physically exhausted.  She had been somehow managing to live in her car with severe lupus arthritis. Then she developed a high fever and could not get her wheelchair in and out of the vehicle so she drove herself to the ED. I saw her the next morning.  Sitting at the bedside, I said, “Ms. R, you must have been really suffering these last few days and frightened, too.”  Then taking her hands I said, “You can take a deep breath and relax now.  You are in the caring hands of the beautiful people at Alta Bates Summit.  We will care for you like family: we will clean you, comfort you and provide expert medical care – all with a whole lotta Love!  You can rest easy now; my friend, you are in good hands.”

“God bless you, doctor!” she said with tears rolling down her face.  My eyes were damp and my body almost pulsed with meaning as I left the room.  Trying to see the world from her perspective, I felt I had started to meet her needs.  Judging, by the way I felt, I must have done something good for me as well.

It is a little different for each of us, but we know it when great patient experience happens.  It is the goal of the ABSMC MD Communication Task Force to help us have more of these moments.

This is the first of the ABSMC newsletter posts from the Patient Experience – MD Communication Task Force. We are reaching out to the medical staff because patient experience is important for some many reasons:

  • A good experience promotes healing and adherence
  • Our patients stories are the best way to spread the word about the good work we do
  • Patient Experience data can affect the medical center’s bottom line in several ways
  • Connecting with patients deeply and witnessing their great experiences with the our processes and our staff are crucial for our own wellbeing

In the coming months we will share our data on patient experience and offer tips for you to improve your wellbeing, while also improving the patient’s wellbeing.  We look forward to sharing this with you and inspiring your engagement in the process.

Thanks and look forward to sharing more soon!

Leif Hass, Ursi Boynton and ABSMC Patient Experience MD Communication Task Force

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