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Who would have thought that getting a shot would be such an emotionally charged event? As the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine began to be deployed nationwide, social media and news sites erupted with images of the first recipients receiving their inoculations.

ABSMC rolled out its first wave of vaccinations for health care workers two weeks ago, and it has been extremely successful (aside from the initial hiccups with myEHS). All active medical staff members are eligible to receive the vaccine in this first round, and affiliate and courtesy staff will be offered the vaccine later.

I never thought that I would have wanted to have my picture taken for a shot, but others clearly felt the same. Elation, relief, anxiety – all of those emotions bundled into one brief moment.

I applaud all of you for stepping up to get vaccinated. This is the first step of real recovery from the pandemic. You are protecting yourself, your patients, and your families in this process. As I looked at the initial data from the Pfizer vaccine, I was struck by one particular graph.
Red is placebo, and blue is the vaccine, and that’s only after the first dose.

We have to be mindful however, that our eagerness to be vaccinated does not translate wholly to other health care workers and patients. Vaccine hesitancy is a real issue, particularly among communities of color, who have justifiable reasons to distrust medicine in the U.S. We must play our part to convince those around us that the vaccine is first safe, and that it is also efficacious.  Tell your stories, in person, online, and whatever avenues you have to promote mass vaccination.  This is how we get back to normal.

Jeff Chen MD, MPH, FACEP
Chief of Staff, ABSMC Summit Campus

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