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Memories blow, bye

~The Closed Active Medical Staff Meeting will take place in Bechtel Hall, Samuel Merritt University (west of the hospital main entrance), on November 14 and will begin at 5:30 pm with food, drinks and social time. Bring a friend (or your department)! Come find out what we’ve been up to over the past year. We hope to see you all there!

~The Medical Staff Holiday Party at Trader Vics is December 11, 2019. Please save the date! Come socialize and enjoy the company of your colleagues, and have dinner, drinks and fun!

~Congratulations to our Orthopedic Surgeons, OR and floor orthopedic nurses, techs and staff, the Preop Clinic, the Department of Internal Medicine, the Department of Anesthesiology, our quality staff, and the entire team for a successful biannual Joint Commission Hip and Knee Certification survey. Your great teamwork is a testament to our outstanding orthopedic care.

~Work on the hybrid OR will interfere with the normal Operating Room schedule from November 26 until 6 am Monday December 2 and December 23 until 6 am December 30. Traffic outside of the OR will be rerouted. Please look out for further information via email as the details become available.

~Medical Staff Leadership continues to work with Administration and Tyler Bennett to create a growth strategy for ABSMC. We also are engaged in conversations with the Marketing team regarding local marketing and the ABSMC website. Thank you all for your partnership.

~Thank you for filing out the Physician Satisfaction survey. If you have not already, please fill it out soon. Also, please add detail to your free text answers, as we will work with administration and do our best to address the issues you bring forward. A new question was added regarding wellness; please do share your ideas! Ursi is also raffling two restaurant gift certificates per week. Names will be randomly selected by NRC as the results of the survey are de-identified.

~Unfortunately, the MRI opening is postponed for six months due to the need to create a zone 2 screening area.

~We are currently focusing on improving patient satisfaction, specifically on nurse and physician communication. There are a few small things we can do to improve our communication with patients, including introducing ourselves (and our role in their care), sitting down while listening and discussing their plan of care, asking “what questions do you have for me today”, and asking the patient to repeat to you what their plan is for the day.

~An EPIC upgrade will occur on November 10. Details are below. Of note, you will now have the ability to sign verbal orders on Haiku. Be sure to update Haiku on your device to ensure proper functionality.

~Neurointerventional Radiology is now operational 24/7.

~Our Peer Support team continues to reach out to colleagues. We are here for you! Our email is peeroutreachABSMC@gmail.comand telephone number is 510-869-8688. All conversations are confidential and 1157 protected.

Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Jill Kacher Cobb, MD
President, Summit Medical Staff



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