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We welcome back David Clark who will be our interim CEO while Jerry Kozai is out on leave.

Congratulations to the Cardiovascular Surgery team on their coveted 3 star rating from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons! Only 63 programs qualify for reporting in the state, and out of these, only three programs have a three star composite CABG score. This is a testament to the team work and dedication of our cardiovascular surgeons, nursing staff in the OR, CPU, and PCU 8, perfusionists, anesthesiologists, ICU physicians, hospitalists, cardiologists and physical and occupational therapists.

On September 24 and 25, Sarah Krevans, CEO of Sutter Health, came to visit ABSMC and attended our Medical Staff Leadership Meeting. We shared with her our many successes over the past year. She discussed the current health care environment including the state and national political landscape, the potential impacts of legislation surrounding balanced billing, and shared a “state of the union” regarding Sutter Health. We also heard about her goals since she became CEO of Sutter Health four years ago, including better access to mental health services, increased political involvement at the state and national level, and diversity of leadership within Sutter Health. We had a chance to ask questions about the overall vision and direction of Sutter Health and how we can better position ourselves in the increasingly competitive health care markets.

Please come join us for the Closed Active Medical Staff Meeting at Bechtel Hall in Samuel Merritt on Thursday November 14 at 5:30pm! Dinner, wine and beer will be served. All active medical staff members are invited. Please come and learn about what’s been happening over the past year. We’ve been busy, and are looking forward to sharing our successes, challenges and future direction! We will present two awards, the President’s Award and the Quality Award. Come see who we will celebrate! And finally, we will form the nominating committee that will choose the next Medical Staff Vice President (who will move on and become President) and Secretary/Treasurer. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tis the season for the Physician Satisfaction Survey. If you work at both campuses, you will receive two surveys. If a question does not apply to your experience, please skip the question, as responding “neutral” will decrease the overall score. This year, we will have a new free text question about physician wellness, specifically asking what we can do to improve physician well-being. Also, please be frank when answering each of the free text questions. We will compile the answers and work with administration to do our best to address the issues arising from the survey. If you have a solution to the issue, please share in the free text as creative solutions are always welcome!

Mr. Fulbright, our new Ethicist, came to MEC to discuss his new role. His new role includes working with the Summit and AB Ethics Committees on how to support unrepresented patients, developing and revising policies, helping to resolve treatment option conflicts between care team members and patients and/or their families, and providing education through grand rounds and also on units with staff. He offered to attend Department meetings upon request.


Take care,

Jill Kacher Cobb, MD
President, Summit Campus, ABSMC




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