Verbal Order Compliance Reminders

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  1. Please remember to sign your Verbal/Telephone Orders. Our Medical Staff Rules and Regulations state that Verbal and Telephone Orders must be signed within 48 hours.
  2. Hardwire signing your Verbal/Telephone Orders. Make signing deficiencies the first and last thing you   do daily.
  3. Sign ALL Verbal/Telephone orders including Discontinued and Canceled orders.
  4. Work with your group to sign orders for each other. Inform your team when going off service and ask that your orders be signed.  Patty Fitzgibbons at Summit or Shala Thomas at Ashby will work with you and your group to make it easy to sign each other’s verbal orders.
  5. Set up a daily email reminder to your preferred email.


Inform Health Information Management when going on vacation so deficiencies can be placed on hold while you are out.  Sign all deficient medical records off before you leave for vacation.

Contact the HIM numbers below to ask that you be placed out of office during your vacation/leave.  Your record deficiencies will be placed on hold during your vacation.

  1. Call the local HIM/Medical Records Department, Chart Completion Team at Summit:  510-869-6545, option 2 (Summit Campus only).
  2. Call or email the S3 physician line (Summit and/or Alta Bates Campus) 855-398-1641, Option 1, or email S3Chart
  3. Call or email the HIM Manager (Summit and/or Alta Bates Campus) Summit:  510-869-8741, or Email

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