Indications for Transfusion

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Patient Blood Management Update
Sutter Health Indications for Transfusion

The ABSMC Transfusion/Blood Utilization Committee, and the Alta Bates and Summit Medical Executive Committees recently approved the Sutter Health Indications for Transfusion noted below. The indications were updated in Epic on 7/11/19.  A copy of this document, which includes a list of references, can also be found on the Alta Bates and Summit Medical Staff Department intranet sites.

The following evidence-based guidelines apply to the transfusion of blood and blood components.  They are meant to serve as a foundational basis for determining whether or not to transfuse a patient.  The decision to transfuse should be based on the patient’s overall clinical context and not solely on laboratory data.  It is understood, however, that some exceptions are possible in the appropriate clinical setting.

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