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I hope everyone’s new year is off to a good start. 


-Jody Policar, the Director of Philanthropy for ABSMC, came to MEC last month. He discussed the increasing importance of money from philanthropic donors as it is funding many aspects of ABSMC. In 2017,  they raised an impressive $56 million for Better Health East Bay. Better Health East Bay was recently deconstructed into local affiliate philanthropy organizations. In other words, local donors can now give money to directly benefit ABSMC. He is creating a board to guide the planning of galas, inform donors about what is happening at ABSMC, help donors learn about our programs, and help with outreach.

-Our numbers have improved for verbal orders! Great job everyone!! Keep up the awesome work and stay vigilant because…

-JCAHO is coming soon. They are out of their usual order and recently visited Eden Medical Center. In other words, they are in our neighborhood. We will have the blue books (JCAHO question and answer books) soon in the Medical Staff Office for distribution. Please drop by and grab a copy so you’ll be prepared if you get cornered by a JCAHO representative.

-In the same vein, remember to wash your hands or use foam between patients. “Foam in, foam out.”

-The new physician lounge (with an eating area and a small exercise room), cafeteria and new kitchen are slated to open at the end of March. The new space is impressive!

-The new MRI should be up and running in April.

-On January 1, 2019 SB 1152 became effective requiring acute care hospitals to have a written discharge plan for homeless patients. This includes assisting them with identifying a post discharge destination, offering them a meal, weather appropriate clothing, and transportation within a 30 mile radius. Beginning July 1, 2019, hospitals also must have a plan for coordinating services for homeless patients including behavioral health, health care, and social services, along with creating a discharge log of homeless patients including their discharge destination.

-On January 4, the new Alameda County Director of Public Health, Colleen Chowla, planned a visit to ABSMC. We met two of her associates instead as she had a last minute emergency. They wanted to learn more about ABSMC and also would like to partner more with us to coordinate care for the underserved, Medi-Cal population in Alameda County. A few interesting numbers I’ve learned this past month: 1 in 5 people in both Oakland and Berkeley live in poverty. Between the two campuses, we have taken care of about 6,000 individual homeless patients over the past year. These numbers were scrubbed; in other words, names were not double counted and readmissions were not included.

-Jain Thapa, Representative Barbara Lee’s Congressional Aide, visited ABSMC on January 14. A special thank you to Dr. Junaid Khan for organizing the visit, Dr. Rockson Liu for touting our robotics program and teaching Jain how to use the robot, Dr. Kadakia for discussing the TAVR program, Dr. Richardson and Dr. Adamczyk for discussing our neurointerventional program, and Dr. Berrol for leading a tour of our emergency department.


Jill Kacher Cobb, MD

President, Summit Medical Staff, ABSMC

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