Introducing SutterLink for Sutter’s Inpatient Providers

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What is SutterLink? 

A way for you to access the Sutter EHR from outside the hospital environment, using a secure, web-based portal with configurations and workflows optimized for the outpatient setting.

Why would I want to use SutterLink?

  • Fewer clicks to logon vs remote access to Inpatient Hyperspace
  • You and your office staff use the same application to manage clinical workflows
  • SutterLink can be accessed via your mobile device providing more functionality than Haiku/Canto
  • SutterLink workflows are optimized to meet ambulatory practice needs:
    • View clinical info via Chart Review
    • Place outpatient orders & receive results
    • Referral initiation & status checks
    • In Basket Messaging with other Sutter EHR users
  • Event Monitor notifications of admissions, discharges and test results

Which Inpatient Providers can use SutterLink?

  • Physician providers (MD, DO, DPM) who use Sutter EHR only in the Inpatient hospital setting

How do I get started?

  • Send an email to
  • Tell them you are an Inpatient provider, want to be given SutterLink access, and provide the following information:
    • Does your office already have access to SutterLink? Yes/No
    • Name of Practice
    • Office Manager First/Last Name
    • Office Manager Email
    • Office Manager Phone number
    • Corporate/Main Office Location
    • Providers/Users that are located in the office (or within your call group)
    • Sutter Affiliate or Hospital you work with
    • Specialty
  • Once you are notified that your security has been updated, you will be:
    • Provided with simple login instructions
    • Coached on how to transition between Inpatient EHR and SutterLink views

Offered self-guided and other educational training opportunities

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