Workplace Violence Prevention – Jerry Kozai, CEO ABSMC

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Jerry Kozai with Anne Kirkpatrick, Oakland Chief of Police

To address the serious issue of workplace violence incidents occurring in our Emergency Department and other areas of our facilities, members of our executive leadership have formed a workplace violence steering committee. That committee includes Rose Calhan, COO, Denise Navellier, CNE, and administrative management in cooperation with our security, risk and safety teams.

The purpose of the committee is to assess incidents and evaluate security risks, so that we can develop a strategy to help prevent workplace violence. Providing a safe environment for our patients, physicians and employees is a top priority for the committee—and for the entire executive leadership team. Because our goal is always to prevent violence before it occurs, the committee has also:

  • Added security shift supervisors at our campuses on all shifts to increase accountability and response time.
  • Worked to strengthen our existing relationship with law enforcement agencies to help them provide better support to our organization. In addition to the Neighborhood Resource Center collaboration with the Oakland Police Department, we are looking to create a similar partnership with the Berkeley Police Department.
  • Recommended that key violence prevention tools like Risk for Violence Assessments and signage be implemented campus wide.

Reporting Workplace Violence

  • Reporting work place violence is crucial. If you have a security concern for patients, physicians or employees, please call the house supervisor.
  • We encourage all our employees to be our eyes and ears to report safety issues.
  • Please continue to report workplace violence in MIDAS and inform your supervisor.

Our top priority is to create a safe environment for our patients, physicians and employees. If you have specific concerns or ideas on how to improve the safety of our workplace, please talk to your manager. Our leadership team values your feedback and we’ll continue to update you on our progress.


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