Quick Tips Cosigning Verbal Orders

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For Same Day procedures, I recommend this method (before your leave the hospital) for 100% compliance! 


  1. Open the patient’s chart and select “Manage Orders” button.
  2. In the table of contents click “Cosign Orders.
  3. Click “Sign All Orders” to sign all the verbal orders.
  4. Click “Sign Section” or
  5. Use the “Sign” button for the individual order.This method will also allow you to cosign for other providers, i.e., the proceduralist or anesthesiologist.


For Inpatient/Overnight stays, doing this method 1X per day will keep you at 100% compliance!


  1. Click on the In Basket icon on the header bar
  2. Click the “x Chart Completion” folder.
  3. Single click on Cosign Needed message and the order details
    will appear to the right or below the message.
  4. Click the “Sign” hyperlink to the right on the order to sign

individual orders.

  1. Click the “Sign” button above the message to sign all the
    orders at once.

F. Click the “Refresh” button and the messages will drop off your
message list immediately.


This method requires you to have the “Cosign Ord” column in your patient list.  For assistance to update your list, contact Patty Fitzgibbons at 510-325-9618.

 This is great for docs who have multiple patients, i.e., hospitalists, intensivists.  It is also great for docs who are part of a group because providers can cosign for each other.

  1. Click on your MyPatient List and single click on a patient.
  2. Click on the “Cosign Ord” header.
  3. Click on the Cosign Orders Report.
  4. Click to Sign Section.


This method allows you to cosign orders on multiple charts in a very short period of time.  Providers can cosign for other docs in their groups. 


For assistance, please contact your EHR Physician Liaison, Patty Fitzgibbons, at 510-325-9618.

Thank you!


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