Be Survey Ready

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Be survey ready…Make Verbal/Telephone Orders a high priority!

Continue to focus on your department and individual compliance to ensure all VO/TO orders are signed within 48 hours.

Summit Transcription Reminders when dictating:

To help facilitate the transcription getting to the patient chart timely, please follow the instructions below consistently.

  1. Enter your facility code: 77 for Summit
  2. Enter your dictation speaker code
  3. Enter your work type
  4. Enter the patient’s MRN
  5. Press 2 to begin dictating
  6. Begin the dictation with
  • Your name
  • Patient name and spelling
  • Patient DOB
  • Patient MRN
  • Work type
  • Any CC’s. Full provider name
  1. Please only STAT the dictated report if needed for urgent patient care

Immediate Post Op Progress Note Compliance:

Our compliance has dropped for Immediate Post Op Progress Notes completion.  We are currently at 84% (Goal = 95% completion of post-op note before patient’s transfer to next level of care)

  • If Operative report is not completed immediately, an Immediate Post OP Progress note is required to be completed and signed in the patient chart before the patient is transferred to the next level of care.

Alisa Stinn, RHIT
Health Information Manager
Sutter Health
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Summit-Ashby-CCC Herrick
510-869-8741 | Direct
510-869-8856 | Fax
510-381-5181 | Mobile


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