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Our initial focus on a single unit transfusion strategy has shown success.  The % of transfuse orders for 1 RBC unit has increased from 37% to 50%, while 2 unit transfuse orders has decreased from 61% to 42%.

Recommendation: Give single unit RBC transfusions in stable, non-bleeding hospitalized patients, with reassessment of the patient after the single-unit transfusion to decide if a second unit is needed.

To achieve this strategy:

  • Place Type & Crossmatch and/or Transfuse orders for 1 unit in Epic.
  • Order post-transfusion hemoglobin [LABHGB] and reassess patient to determine if a second RBC unit is needed.  A post-transfusion HGB can be drawn as soon as 15 minutes after the transfusion is completed.


Use the Blood Transfusion Navigator to place orders.  To access the Navigator:

  • Click on the Blood icon in the patient list toolbar or under More Activities.





  • Once in the Navigator, access individual blood product order sets by clicking on the appropriate icon, then check the box under Order Sets and click the open order set




  • Use the Potential Transfusion order set to place Type & Crossmatch orders when a transfusion is NOT yet needed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

ABSMC Blood Utilization Committee
Catherine Stapleton, MD
Rajesh Behl, MD
Annette Shaieb, MD



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