CMS Verbal & Telephone Order Compliance is on the Radar for CMS! 

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CMS Verbal & Telephone Order Compliance is on the Radar for CMS!  VO/TO orders are required to be signed within 48 hours:

  • Current compliance is down at 81% through May. ABSMC benchmark for compliance is 90% or greater
  • Specialties with over 100 orders at 90% or greater compliance for the May

–              Emergency Medicine
–              Radiology Diagnostic and Interventional

  • Specialties with over 100 orders at 80% or greater compliance for May

–              Anesthesiology
–              Cardiothoracic Surgery
–              Critical Care Medicine
–              Hospitalist Medicine
–              Internal Medicine
–              Orthopedic Surgery
–              Physical Medicine and Rehab
–              Psychiatry

  • Specialties with over 100 orders: Opportunity for improvement

–              Cardiology
–              General Surgery
–              Hematology/ Oncology

Help make a difference! We are asking for your assistance in signing your VO/TO within 48 hours:

  • Please remember that you can sign orders for your colleagues.
  • Hardwire signing off on orders every day and before you go off shift.
  • Be survey ready now!

Suspension Criteria Change approved at March MEC:

  • As a reminder, HIM will begin suspending for all “Review” deficiencies for missing information starting the week of July 16. This includes:

–              Missing required content such as EBL or specimens removed
–              Missing or incorrect discharge dates
–              Missing final diagnosis or discharge summary content

History and Physical Reminders:

  • H&P is required to be recorded in the patient chart prior to surgery. This includes a scanned H&P
  • If H&P is within 30 days of the current surgery, provider is required to document the H&P interval update after admission but prior to surgery
  • If you are using your office H&P, please ensure you copy and paste your office H&P to the correct surgical encounter

Alisa Stinn, RHIT
Health Information Manager / HIM Lead
Sutter Health
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Summit-Ashby-CCC Herrick
510-869-8741 | Direct
510-869-8856 | Fax
510-381-5181 | Mobile

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