Sutter Specialty Network Referral Services

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Sutter Specialty Network Referral Services

The Sutter Specialty Network (SSN) provides comprehensive referral support to physicians and care center staff with clinically complex or difficult-to-place referrals. SSN is a specialized team with access to numerous high level and hard to find subspecialists that can help locate ambulatory experts in field and hospital-based specialty programs.

How to Initiate the Process

Sutter Health Medial Groups, Foundations and Hospitals:

Enter a referral to the Sutter Specialty Network
Crate a generic referral and complete the following:

  1. Class: Outgoing
  2. Place of service: Sutter Specialty Network
  3. Referral message to: P Sutter Specialty Network

Independent offices with access to Sutter EHR:

SutterLink Referral Entry:

  1. Class: External
  2. Place of Service: Sutter Specialty Network
  3. Notes: Indicate special instructions or desired specialist (diagnoses/procedure tab) in notes section
  4. Referral message to: P Sutter Specialty Network

Physicians with no access to the Sutter EHR:
888-834-1788     Phone
415-600-2955     Bay Area Fax

For questions about the SSN referral service, please call 1-888-834-1788

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