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Tolbert J. Small, MD was recently appointment to the Summit Honorary Medical Staff. Dr. Small graduated from Wayne State University with his Medical Degree and completed his Internship and Residency at Highland Hospital. He has numerous publications, memberships, and awards. In 2011 he was awarded with the Black Panther Party Appreciation Tribute. Dr. Small was also just presented with the Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.









Below please see samplings of Dr. Small’s poetry:


Angel of Mercy,
Fly like a dove through the hospital
To bathe the ill,
Dress the wounded,
And feed the weak.

Angel of care,
Fly like a butterfly through the hospital
To massage the aching muscles,
Ease the suffering,
And decrease the pain.

Angel of love,
Fly like an eagle through the hospital
To cool the rising fevers,
Soothe the aching bones,
And raise the gloomy spirits

Truly, Nurses are angels,
And angels are nurses.


Once the spirit of the Nightingale
Rises within you
To heal the ill,
Ease the pain,
Cool the fever,
And kill the germs.

That spirit will never die,
Once, it has planted its seed.
It will always sprout forth
Again and again.

Even in death, the spirit of the Nightingale
Will cast forth its shadow to be born again.
Even in death, the spirit of the Nightingale
Will rise forth like a phoenix to be born again.

Old Physicians

Old physicians never die.
They don’t fade away.
They forever live in the hearts and minds of their patients.
They work as long as their brain and heart works.
We were healers.
We are healers.
We will always be healers.

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