Sutter Safe Care – Our Journey to High Reliability

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Physicians strive to provide safe, quality care to our patients every day. We understand, however, that, in our fast-paced, complex healthcare environment, people make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes harm not only our patients but employees and caregivers as well.

To consistently “up our game” in providing the safest patient care possible, and in the safest possible environment, Sutter Health is introducing Sutter Safe Care. Sutter Safe Care is a new system wide, multiyear effort that reinforces the importance of patient and workforce safety. It includes efforts to create a no-harm, safety-first culture; new safety-reporting processes; and a different approach to analyzing and solving for systemic safety risks and human error.

It also includes new safety training for everyone. In April 2018, ABSMC will begin the training for leaders and continues with sessions for physicians and staff, extending through third quarter of 2018. Participants will learn how to incorporate safety measures and behaviors into their daily work and how to identify and report safety incidents using new processes.

A focus on safety is, of course, not new at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. What’s changing is that, through Sutter Safe Care, we’re taking a more holistic, intentional approach to safety across the organization.

In the coming months, I will share more information about Sutter Safe Care and the role you and your team play in it. Keep an eye out for training sign-up and logistics information, which will be sent directly to you.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Sutter Safe Care, contact me or Holly Colin, Director Patient Safety and Regulatory Affairs at 510.869.8837 or

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