Wellness Committee Update

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This message is being on behalf of Drs. Leif Hass, Lenny Husen, and Jill Kacher Cobb, Wellness Committee Members

Dear Colleagues:

The Medical Staff and the Well-Being Committee are bringing a peer support program to ABSC to help our colleagues at risk for burnout.  We all have moments when we feel fried, but for some of us this leads to persistent emotional exhaustion that is true burnout.  Most of the reasons behind burnout are beyond our control.  The Medical Staff is working with Administration to address the institutional causes, but at times, many of us might need a little help coping.

We are bringing in a proven peer support program that was developed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and now used at more than 30 centers around the country.  We are looking for volunteers to do a 4.5 hour training be become a one-one peer counselor.  They will learn the skills needed to talk to colleagues who are struggling of any number of issues.

The program recommends we ask doctors from different disciplines to recommend people who feel they could talk to, to be trained to become one of these counselors.  We are asking leaders around the medical center to bring this up with their colleagues and give us the name of people chosen by their peers who would like to work with us.

The training will take place on September 15 and 17 (choose your date) with providers from the Davis and Sacramento. We are hoping to have around 20 people trained from ABSMC.

Let us know if you have any questions.  Looking forward to hearing who is interested in join us in this endeavor! We are trying to get a rough head count in the next month.  We have attached a JAMA article on the program.


Leif, Lenny and Jill

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