MAR Hold

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MAR Hold – information sheet

 Big picture:

  • MAR hold functionality is live in all hospitals across the Sutter Enterprise
  • When a patient is transferred into a perioperative or procedural area, all active medication orders are automatically placed on a HOLD status
  • This workflow has been recommended by the Joint Commission and adopted as a Sutter standard for patient safety.
  • When the patient is transferred back to the floor, the medication hold will remain until the surgeon/proceduralist performs Order Reconciliation via PeriOp, Procedural or Transfer Navigator

 Why is this important?

  • By promoting medication reconciliation between levels of care, MAR hold increases patient safety by clarifying which medications should be available for a procedure vs which medications are meant for the hospital ward
  • If Order reconciliation is not performed, the ward nurses cannot administer medications in a timely fashion- as meds active prior to the procedure remain on Hold status.


  • Note that MAR hold will only come into play when the patient is transferred from the floor (e.g. a med surg unit) to a perioperative or procedural area, then back to the floor.  This does NOT affect same-day surgery cases.
  • The surgeon or proceduralist is responsible for medication reconciliation.
  • Nurses who receive patients who have not had their medications reconciled will first contact the surgeon or proceduralist to request that med rec be performed
    • Note: If you receive a call from a nurse requesting that you perform med rec, but you know you have already done so, you should ask if the nurse has released your reconciled orders (MAR hold will not be released until (s)he does so)
  • If a proceduralist encounters difficulties with the Order Reconciliation process or is unable to perform the reconciliation of certain medication orders, they should communicate directly with the hospitalist, attending, or other appropriate provider to request assistance with the process to ensure that all medications are reconciled in a timely fashion.


  • Your local Physician Liaison, Patty Fitzgibbons is available for education and support.

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