Isolation of Patients for MRSA: Policy Change

Posted on Feb 3, 2015 in Infection Prevention | 0 comments

The hospital’s policy for isolation of patients with MRSA has changed. Specifically, patients are already, by law-driven policy, screened at admission with a swab of the nares to determine the presence or absence of MRSA.  The change in policy is that patients who have only that positive screen for MRSA, but no other evidence of disease due to it, are not to be placed in Contact Isolation, as previously they were.  It’s important for physicians to know this change so that, if questions arise, all MDs, RNs, etc., are “on the same page.”

Note that screening for pre-operative patients occurs in the Pre-Op Clinic (under the supervision of Dr. Tessa Collins), where at present only pre-operative orthopedics patients are being seen, and where in coming months other pre-operative patients also will be seen.  Results of screening these patients go to the clinic, where interventions are in place to manage patients whose screening results are positive for MRSA.  For questions, please call Infection Control at 510-869-8363.

By Roger Phelps, M.D.

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