Aerosol Transmitted Disease Policy Update

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Purpose: In order to fully implement the guidelines as outlined in CalOSHA Standard 5199

TB/AFB testing:

  • As previously, if sputum for AFB are ordered, that patient requires placement in Airborne Precautions.
  •  Rooms dedicated for Airborne Precautions are called Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms – AIIRs.
  •  Summit  has 3 AIIRs–3342, 5024 & 5026; these rooms have telemetry capabilities
  • NO AIIR room
  1. Transfer patient to another facility where there is AIIR capability, within 5 hours.
  • UNSTABLE patient who cannot transfer
  1. Physician needs to document in the chart, DAILY,  that the patient is unstable for transfer.
  2. Patient will be placed in a private room, door closed, Hepa Filter.
    1. In ICU, placement must include a room with solid walls.
    2. HCW must wear N-95 mask or PAPR,  as well as all other PPE when entering the room.

These guidelines are outlined in our Infection Prevention and Control Manual, online ATD Policy, and follow the required CalOSHA Standard 5199.

When the new Patient Care Pavilion is ready for occupancy there will be 2 AIIRs on each Nursing Unit.

By Merrilee L. Newton, R.N., MSN, CPHQ, HACP
Administrative Director, Quality and Infection Prevention



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