Greetings from the ABSMC Infection Prevention Department

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The Department Plan Evaluation for 2012 was presented at the Sutter East Bay Quality Council last month. Our ICU metrics at Summit were outstanding for ZERO ventilator associated pneumonia. The prevention bundle has proven effective and is followed by the ICU nursing staff and Respiratory Therapy. Our CLABSI rate has maintained at 0.6/1000 line days. Surgical Site Infection (SSI) rates for our selected procedures are all at or below the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) pooled mean. Even our C. difficile hospital acquired rates have decreased by 13 percent. However, this is an infection that requires vigilance with hand washing with soap and water, Contact Precautions (gowns and gloves when entering the room) and environmental cleaning with bleach.

A new National Patient Safety Goal was introduced by JC to prevent catheter related UTIs. Practice and maintenance are monitored for correctness; however, the best practice is to remove the foley when no longer necessary. The 2011-2012 influenza vaccine season had nearly 90 percent of employees receiving vaccines! There was a slight increase in physicians, as well. 

Our goals and challenges for 2013 include reaching ZERO in our ICU infections; increasing hand hygiene compliance to at least 90 percent; increasing the flu vaccination rate to 95 percent; and further reduction of C. difficile. Challenges will include the changes in reporting metrics, the SIR (standardized infection ratio) for surgical procedures, the new VAE (Ventilator Associated Event) definition from NHSN, our public reporting, new resistance and new emerging infectious diseases (H7N9).

As we have moved along in the combined history of our hospitals, Providence, Merritt, and ABSMC, we have successfully hurdled many changes and directions; have met ongoing antibiotic resistance of our hospital bugs; have decreased exposures to communicable diseases with new processes; and are giving better care with evidence-based practice … our bundles work!!

At this time I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Joseph Marzouk, Dr. Roger Phelps, Dr. Mark Lee, and all of the medical staff for the support and collaboration that could only make our Infection Prevention Program a success. I will be retiring and leaving Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in July 2013 after being on “Pill Hill” for 44 years. Many opportunities were given to me through the years, many wonderful people have become friends, and I will continue to appreciate every aspect of my profession.

Best of luck to all,

Jan Wrobel, R.N., BSN, CIC 

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