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The past few weeks have been occupied not just with our surveillance, education and influenza vaccinations, but with preparing and reporting our data to the National Healthcare Safety Network. NHSN is now nationwide with over 11,000 hospital members. We had followed NISS benchmarks for years. Now all infections are reported to NHSN and are reported out as SIRs–no longer as a rate.


The standardized infection ratio (SIR) is a summary measure used to track Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) at a national, state or local level over time. The SIR adjusts for patients of varying risk within each facility. In HAI data analysis, the SIR compares the actual number of HAIs reported with the baseline U.S. experience adjusting for several risk factors that have been found to be significantly associated with differences in infection incidence. In other words, an SIR greater than 1.0 indicates that more HAI were observed than predicted (from aggregate data) for those patients. Conversely, an SIR less than 1.0 indicates that fewer HAIs were observed than predicted. In short, the SIR equals the Observed (IP Surveillance) over the Expected (by NHSN). Being less that 1.0 is a good thing.

In 2013, we will continue to report our HAIs as we have been but with the SIR calculation from NHSN. Data is reported to the CDPH and Sutter by the SIR.

Thank you all for participating in the influenza vaccine program. Out of a total number of combined ABSMC medical staff practitioners of 1238, 1024 received vaccines, and 24 declined. Congratulations!  Eighty-five percent of employees received vaccines this year.

Hand hygiene is still an important infection prevention. Summit’s rate in the 4th quarter was 80 percent: Still below acceptable. We need to be at least 96 percent compliant for the opportunities that we have. So new slogan: GOT HANDS … WASH THEM before and after patient contact.

 Thanks again for your continued support.

 By Jan Wrobel R.N., BSN, CIC and the IP Department


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