Patient Care Pavilion: Transition Planning Kicks Off

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Nearly one year ago, we held the Patient Care Pavilion (PCP) Topping Off Ceremony. While the construction of the PCP is still underway, we are ready to begin planning to transition into the new space now to ensure we are ready to provide excellent service in this state-of-the-art, new environment. Chief Operating Officer Julie Petrini will be leading the coordination of this PCP transition project.

Alta Bates Summit has engaged HTS (a transition consulting firm based in Emeryville) to support the transition planning efforts and to coordinate all of the work required to safely prepare for and move into the new PCP. The HTS transition team has successfully moved 25 hospitals, most of them in California. HTS is excited to lead us in this endeavor and brings years of experience to the table to ensure we are successful.

We divide the transition planning process into four main categories of work: 1) Critical Task Identification and Schedule Development, 2) Transition Committee Deployment and Support, 3) Occupancy/Activation Planning and 4) Move Planning. HTS will review documents and interview staff to create a Master Task List outlining all the critical tasks necessary to successfully move into the PCP as well as a project plan and a timeline to guide our process and to communicate next steps. After the Master Task List is developed, we will form transition planning committees tasked with the oversight and completion of the critical tasks.

The occupancy/activation planning phase will kick off early this spring with the creation of teams who will collaborate to identify current and future-state workflows, to identify gaps, and to develop new plans to successfully work in the PCP. The Fit-Up Period will begin when the hospital is officially turned over and receives the “keys to the building.” At this same time we will begin to orient and train staff to work in the PCP. We will validate our readiness to activate the PCP through a dress rehearsal process called “Day in the Life” where we will simulate Day One operations.

Finally, HTS will lead us in our move planning efforts as we assemble both department and patient move teams to safely relocate the staff and patients moving into the new PCP.

As you can see, this is a complex process, which is why we have to begin more than a year before the actual move into the PCP. I will keep you updated through the year on key milestones and opportunities for participation.

By, Steve O’Brien, M.D.

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