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Posted on Dec 27, 2012 in Legislative Updates | 0 comments

We are all hearing about the new legislation that will require us to alert our patients who have mammographically dense breasts about the limitations of mammography for detection of breast cancer in the setting of dense breasts. The mandatory reporting will begin April 1, 2013, and at ABSMC we are prepared to meet this deadline. At ABSMC, we detect breast cancer frequently in patients with dense breasts. 

To illustrate how well we do with detection in dense breasts we present the following statistics: For the past 12 months, we diagnosed breast cancer from screening mammograms in 147 patients at  the Carol Ann Read Breast Health Center, the Imaging and Mammography Center at 5730 Telegraph, and the Lafayette Women’s Health Center. Of these patients, 39.5 percent  had dense or extremely dense breasts.

We urge you to encourage your patients with dense breasts who receive these letters to continue with their annual screening mammograms. 

By Linda Gordon, M.D.

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