Legislative Update: PA Signage

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New Regulation – 16 CCR 1399.547

SUBJECT AREA:   Signage: Physician Assistants (PA)

SUMMARY: The Medical Board, the licensing agency for Physician Assistants, now requires that institutions or practices that employ or contract with Physician Assistants must notify patients of the PA’s licensing authority.  Specifically, the notification required by this new regulation must be provided by one of the following methods:

(1) Prominently posting the notification in an area visible to patients on the premises where the PA provides services, in which case the notice shall be in at least 48-point type in Arial font, or

(2) Including the notification in a written statement, signed and dated by the patient or the patient’s representative and retained in that patient’s medical records, stating the patient understands the physician assistant is licensed and regulated by the committee, or

(3) Including the notification in a statement on letterhead, discharge instructions, or other document given to a patient or the patient’s representative, where the notice is placed immediately above the signature line for the patient in at least 14-point type.

FYI.  This new disclosure requirement is virtually identical to that required of physicians.

WHO NEEDS TO KNOW:  COOs, Medical Staff Professionals, Human Resource Managers, Risk Managers, Practice / Care Center Managers/Supervisors, Compliance Officers.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE:  Select the notification method that best serves your facility’s needs.  If you elect the option of posting the notice on a bulletin board or other display that is “visible to patients” – apparently the easiest and least expensive method of compliance – attached is an example of a compliant notice.  You may also provide patients with a written statement with this information – in 12-point type or larger – for them to sign and date.  The document would then be placed in their medical record.  The final option is to add the notice in 14-point type to your Conditions of Admission / Conditions of Registration forms, or any other forms that all patients are expected to sign and be provided a copy.

PA Required Signage