Message from the President – March 2018

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It has been said that two things are guaranteed in life: death and taxes. I’ll propose a third. Change. Many of us who have been out of residency for a while have watched the practice of medicine change over the years. Not too long ago, the majority of Internal Medicine and Family Practice physicians followed their patients throughout the patient’s hospitalization. Now, hospitalized patients are mainly cared for by Hospitalists, and our outpatient physicians pick up where our Hospitalists left off, helping keep our patients healthy in the community. In the past, many Surgeons, Obstetricians/Gynecologists, and other specialists hung their own shingle. Now, many physicians have joined multispecialty physician practices, larger groups, some with University affiliations, and some are employed. There are not many of us are left in solo practice. Many of these changes resulted from external pressure making it difficult to practice medicine and deliver care as we had in the past. We continue to adapt to the ever changing environment of medicine, sometimes in order to survive.

On the hospital side, to remain viable, there is pressure to deliver high quality care at a lower cost, resulting in many changes at ABSMC. The Huron Group continues to make recommendations including finding ways to increase efficiencies and reduce overhead to drive down cost. To help improve quality and reduce preventable errors, Sutter is implementing a program called Sutter Safe Care, a high reliability program. For the program to achieve success, the expectation is that all Active Medical Staff will participate in training. Four hour physician leader training (i.e. Department Chairs, Medical Directors, etc.) will occur in April and May, and two hour Active Medical Staff physician training will begin in June and end this Fall. We will receive CME credit for participation. Dates are TBA.

We also have seen changes in hospital leadership recently. We welcome our new CME, Dr. Filip Roos, who was Chief of Staff at his previous hospital and is a Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Chuck Prosper announced last week that he will be departing as CEO on May 6th. We thank him for his dedicated service to ABSMC for the past 6 years.

A national search will take place to recruit a new CEO to ABSMC.

In light of the inevitability of change, please join us for our second annual Physician Mindfulness One Day retreat at Green Gulch Sunday, April 15 from 9:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. The event last year was both relaxing and invigorating, and also helped many of us to refocus our sense of self in our ever-changing busy lives. A bonus: the food was fantastic. Details are in the flyer below.

Take care,

Jill Kacher Cobb, MD

President, Summit Medical Staff, ABSMC

Alta Bates Summit Becomes the First Hospital in Northern California to Mentor Robotic Assisted Hernia Repair

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Alta Bates Summit has been designated a Robotic Hernia Mentor/Case Observation site by Intuitive Surgical.  Dr. Rockson Liu has been identified as the expert in complex hernia repair using our da Vinci Xi robotic system here at the Summit Campus.

Intuitive will start sending physicians from around the country to learn his advanced techniques, and also how to run a safe, efficient and profitable robotic program.  We are very excited and extremely proud of our robotic staff and all our robotically trained physicians here at ABSMC for their commitment to excellence in patient care.  Look for more news about this exciting development in the coming weeks and months.

Clayton Warren
Communications Manager


Sutter Safe Care – Our Journey to High Reliability

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Physicians strive to provide safe, quality care to our patients every day. We understand, however, that, in our fast-paced, complex healthcare environment, people make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes harm not only our patients but employees and caregivers as well.

To consistently “up our game” in providing the safest patient care possible, and in the safest possible environment, Sutter Health is introducing Sutter Safe Care. Sutter Safe Care is a new system wide, multiyear effort that reinforces the importance of patient and workforce safety. It includes efforts to create a no-harm, safety-first culture; new safety-reporting processes; and a different approach to analyzing and solving for systemic safety risks and human error.

It also includes new safety training for everyone. In April 2018, ABSMC will begin the training for leaders and continues with sessions for physicians and staff, extending through third quarter of 2018. Participants will learn how to incorporate safety measures and behaviors into their daily work and how to identify and report safety incidents using new processes.

A focus on safety is, of course, not new at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. What’s changing is that, through Sutter Safe Care, we’re taking a more holistic, intentional approach to safety across the organization.

In the coming months, I will share more information about Sutter Safe Care and the role you and your team play in it. Keep an eye out for training sign-up and logistics information, which will be sent directly to you.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Sutter Safe Care, contact me or Holly Colin, Director Patient Safety and Regulatory Affairs at 510.869.8837 or

One-Day Mindfulness Retreat for Physicians

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Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (ePOLST)

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Ambulatory Specialty Optimization

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Order Reconciliation and MAR Hold

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MAR Hold places active inpatient medication orders on hold when the patient transfers to the OR, Cath Lab or Interventional Radiology Departments.

MAR Hold supports Order Reconciliation by allowing the provider to review existing orders prior to the patient’s transfer for post procedural care.

Orders remain on hold until Order Reconciliation is completed by the Surgeon/Proceduralist.

Once the surgeon/proceduralist completes Order Reconciliation, the nurse receiving the patient for post procedural care can release the orders.

*Note New Office Location for Patty Fitzgibbons: Enter through the main entrance at 350 Hawthorne Ave. Just beyond the Admissions desks on the right side of the lobby, you will see a hallway. Your physician badge will provide entry.  My office is in Rm 1755.

If you are unsure of the process for Order Reconciliation, please contact Patty Fitzgibbons, EHR Physician Liaison, for training.  510-325-9618


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The central line bundle will be followed. Refer to Infection Control “Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI) Prevention Bundle” policy.

During insertion of the central line, the nurse will assist the physician and observe adherence to practices indicated in the Central Line Insertion Procedure (CLIP) checklist. The nurse will document in the e.H.R. CLIP checklist.

For PICC insertions, the PICC nurse will document in the e.H.R. CLIP checklist.

Prior to insertion of a CVC, patients and/or families are educated about CLABSI prevention.

When a line-related infection is suspected and cultures are indicated, refer to “Specimen: Culturing of Vascular Access Device” policy.

Veronica Bargas, RN

New Providers

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Philip Y. Chyu, MD
Radiology, Diagnostic
Bay Imaging Consultants Medical Group, Inc.
2125 Oak Grove Rd., Ste 200
Walnut Creek, CA  94598

(925) 296-7150

Yuko Miyazaki, DPM
3000 Colby St., Ste. 107
Berkeley, CA  94705-2090

(510) 647-3744

From the Medical Staff Office

Message from the President-February 2018

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Aloha! Our family spent this past week in Hawaii for some much needed rest and relaxation. While sitting on the beach, I reflected upon how hard each of us works to take the best possible care of our patients and how much time we all have dedicated, not only to our training to become a physician, but now, to our patients and our careers. Many of us live multifaceted lives not only as busy physicians, but also as small business owners, friends, spouses, mothers and fathers, and/or care takers for elderly parents. There are days when patients are actively trying to die. Someone is septic, on pressors with an acute abdomen needing to go to the OR. You induce with a whiff of etomidate and their blood pressure still plummets to a dangerously low level. A pregnant woman delivers her baby via caesarian section and begins to hemorrhage. You have given 50 plus units of blood products and are still counting, trying to save her life. In the meantime, you feel like you have shaved a couple of months off the end of your life. We all face these types of challenges in our own specialty’s special way. In the meantime, our lives outside of medicine march on with our own unique challenges. You or a family member may be ill. You may be challenged with a lawsuit despite your best effort to care for a patient. Someone may be going through a divorce. Financial woes. You may have a teenager in the house.

It can be quite challenging at times to balance both your career and outside life, and still feel like you are doing a top notch job at each one. Life is not always easy. Many of us face similar life challenges and we can draw from the collective strength of our physician community. As you may have heard, our medical staff is actively trying to strengthen our physician community. We hired Dr. Jo Shapiro from Brigham and Women’s Hospital to train a subset of physicians for Peer Support. Once our program is up and running, you will be able to contact this group if you would like to debrief about a tough case, or chat about challenges in your career or your life in general. It is completely confidential and up to you to reach out. This program will be available to all physicians. For now, we are looking for volunteers to train in peer support. Please nominate someone in your department who you feel would be a great confidant or nominate yourself. We will hold two training sessions lasting approximately four hours on Saturday, September 15 and Monday, September 17, location TBA. Please email ( if interested or if you have a nominee.

Life keeps changing like the ocean waves mold the sand on the beach. Let’s help each other through these changes and challenges.

Jill Kacher Cobb, M.D.
Medical Staff President, Summit Medical Staff