Update from The Well-Being Committee

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Here at Summit, we now have a bi-monthly Wellness Committee. We are interested in promoting the Wellness of the medical staff.  Here are a few of the things we are working on:

– advocating for better exercise space here at the medical center

– identify sources of frustration that leads to unhappy docs

– organizing talks on how to find meaning in our work

– providing resources for those of us who are starting to feel burned out

If you are interested in joining us, let me know. We have room for a few more people on the committee.

The weekly Mindfulness and Mediation Group run by John Mouratoff, MD and Scott Lee, MD is still meeting Wednesday at 5 pm now in the conference room by the admin offices on the 5th floor. We talk about the stresses and pleasures of our lives and then do a 20 minute mediation.  You don’t have to be experienced in mediation to join.  Scott and John’s enthusiasm is contagious and will help you!  Contact John for more info: jmouratoff@comcast.com.

We all have our moments when we feel bad at work: stressed about time pressures at work, concerned we are not at home with family as much as we should be, upset about challenging case that went poorly, or frustrated about that patient who is driving us nuts! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone in your department who you could count on to talk informally to about these kind of issues?  As I have mentioned before, we are working with the System-Wide Sutter to bring a peer support program to our med center.   We are bringing in a program used now in 30 institutions and started at Brigham and Women’s by Dr Jo Shapiro.  We are looking for people in each department who are interested in being trained to do this peer counseling; we hope to start in the fall.  If you are interested in being involved, let me know.

Leif Hass, MD

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