Message from the President, July 2017

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Dear Medical Staff colleagues,

Happy Summer!

Medical Staff lounge– the ground floor physician lounge is under renovation and last month I informed you that the interim physicians lounge is now located in the expanded physicians dining room on the first floor cafeteria. Based on feedback, the following changes have occurred. There are more computers for charting. The window adjacent to the computers is now tinted to minimize the glare from the sun’s rays. There are a few phones but because of the noise and lack of privacy and HIPPA compliance, dictations are not encouraged. (Yes I know the phone dictations are wonky at the moment so may not be pertinent.) The Keurig coffee machine is available including after hours.

In regards to after-hours access to the physician lounge, we have worked with John Ramirez, Administrative Director, Support Services and Facilities. The current solution is that after cafeteria working hours, the accordion doors which blocks public entry into the cafeteria will remain partially open for physician access. Because of this change, there is enhanced security in the form of additional video monitoring installed at the cafeteria entrance and increased frequency of security guard traffic.

The administration has also added an extra computer to the surgeon’s lounge, more computers to the hospitalists working area on the second floor and there is an additional room which is near completion (next week or so) on the 5th floor (as you get out of Elevator B) with computers and secure location for dictation.

Physician sweatshirt jackets- if you signed up to receive one during Doctor’s Day please, please, pick it up. We don’t have the space to store the jackets at the medical staff office. If you have not picked it up by July 28, 2017 we will be distributing them to the physicians who signed up on the wait list.

MRI after hours- last week we messaged out (see below) the method for ordering an MRI scan after hours. Simply put, there is one phone number to call for either location. You will communicate with the radiologist on call who will then contact the MRI technician.

Please remember to order the study STAT if the study needs to be performed urgently.

Physician Chain of Command- on occasion, a situation occurs in which the medical team needs to respond to a challenge quickly and if it remains unresolved, to escalate the concern. The escalation process moves ahead until there is a satisfactory outcome. The nurses and physicians both have an escalation process. I want to highlight this topic since on occasion, you may receive calls from nursing and you may be involved in the escalation process. You should view this as a collaborative effort and all in the best interest for patient care. Furthermore, if there is a challenge, you should not feel that you are rowing the boat on your own. We have a process in which others will pick up oars to help you from both the medical staff leadership and the hospital administration. So please take time to review the Chain of Command Decision tree.

Dr Digiacomo is stepping down as Chair of the Medical Records Committee.

I want to thank Dr DiGiacomo for his time, commitment, and leadership.

Raves to nursing, physicians and the intensive care department for the Silver Award for tissue and eye donation from Donor Network West. This is our second year in a row receiving the award. Please see the article below.

Joint commission surveys – we completed the Stroke Accreditation Survey last month and we did very well. The official report is yet to come.

Next month we expect the Hip and Knee Accreditation Survey.

Dictation services- as many of you know, our electronic transcription service was severely affected by a malicious virus. There are interim solutions being worked on by the IT analysts and email updates from our Chief Health Information officers. Please follow the email updates as they are occurring frequently.

Reminder- if you have Dragon speech that capability still exists.

Pharmacy update- we distributed a list generated by Pharmacy of the medication shortages and the latest word is that those medications are still short.

We will update you with any changes to this list.

Reduction in medication error tip- if you wish to make any changes in a current medication order or wish to hold a medication i.e. Hold the dose of Coumadin tonight. Do not place this as a nursing communication order. The communication needs to occur with pharmacy and within the medication administration order.  The nurse may not see the “nursing communication” when she/he is giving the medication since it does not link directly with the medication.

Until next time,

Be well


Donna D. Tigno, M.D.
President of Summit Medical Staff
Co-Director of Critical Care at Summit Medical Center.

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