Cardiac Monitoring Performance Improvement Team

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For several months a team has been meeting to improve the use of cardiac telemetry monitoring. This is important because appropriate use of cardiac monitoring leads to improved patient flow (from the ED, ICU, and PACU), patient safety (improved mobility, less noise), and cost (to the patient and hospital).

The interdisciplinary, cross campus team of physicians, nurse managers, nursing supervisors and charge nurses from ICU, cardiac monitoring units and ED first came together on April 24, 2017 to review evidence based practices and cardiac monitoring criteria. The practices and criteria discussed that day had previously been reviewed by our hospitalists, intensivists, cardiologists, neurologists, and surgeons and were developed from national guidelines. The team also formalized a process for downgrading with the goal of empowering nursing to ask the question daily about the need for continued monitoring.

The ABSMC Indications for Cardiac Monitoring process went live on May 16, 2017, both for admission or transfer to a cardiac monitor and for downgrading off the monitor.

As part of their standard work, the nursing supervisors and charge nurses will be looking for the indication for cardiac monitoring for their patients. At times there may be a phone call made to the physician if the indication is unclear or to request discontinuation based on the criteria.

Many thanks to the team members for their time and engagement in this great (and ongoing) process!

Denise Navellier, Chief Nursing Executive, Summit
Ursula Boynton, Administrative Medical Director


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