From the President, February 2017

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Dear Medical Staff Colleagues,

When it rains it pours… the hospital is in full swing and at full capacity.

If you feel that you are working harder than ever, it’s because you are. In the month of December 2016 there were 890 admissions and in January 2017, the latest numbers are 902 admissions from the Summit Emergency Department. We are talking historic numbers! Yet despite this daunting number, our ED length of stay was lower in December than the same time last year. In addition, this holds true for our hospital acute care length of stay.

This takes cooperation and collaborative efforts from multiple departments, Administration and Medical Staff.

So thank you everyone for maintaining a commitment to delivering quality care to our patients and maintaining a professional collegiality which is so tough under this degree of stress.

Special “thank you” to the ED department, hospitalists, surgeons, and intensivists for all your hard work. Please let them know your appreciation when you see them in the hospital.

Influenza: we are also seeing a higher number of test positive +influenza cases. This is also a historic high compared to prior years. Please take care of yourselves and wear appropriate protective masks when you care caring for your patients.

Cardiac Cath Labs: Renovation and upgrades to each room continue in this phased project.

MPI program: our inpatient chemical dependency program recently passed an accreditation survey, CARF. Congratulations team! (see below)

Podiatry now has a regular call schedule. Many days of the month are covered but not all. You can refer to the Central Logic call schedule available on the Intranet to determine who might be taking call that day.

Wellness Retreat on May 6th at Green Gulch, please register for the event and mark your calendars. If you want more information please contact Dr. John Mouratoff or come by the Medical Staff Office.

Until next time,

Be well, Donna

Donna D. Tigno, M.D.

President of Summit Medical Staff

Co-Director of Critical Care at Summit Medical Center


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