Access to the EPIC Playground

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Access to the EPIC Playground

I’m going to start and finish with the most important information I can give.  That is the website This is the website that includes all of the information relevant to EPIC for the physician.

Over 200 medical staff members have attended one of the Cyber Cafés. I hope you have found the experience helpful and interesting. The next stage of training is to open up access to the Playground environment. This is scheduled to occur on Aug. 3. The Playground is a replica of the EPIC system. Virtual patients have been created to allow users to practice without the worry of changing a real patient’s medical chart.

You will notice a red, square shortcut-icon on the desktop of computers in the hospital. Double click on this icon and EPIC will open.  Please note that this Playground recreates the Central Valley’s version of EPIC.  Changes are still being made to the East Bay’s version.  We will have access to the East Bay’s version closer to our go-live date.

There have been numerous sign-on names and passwords created for different users. For medical staff members, user names and passwords have been created for an inpatient physician, an obstetrician, and an Emergency Department physician. Other user names have also been created for nursing, pharmacy, clerks, billers and more. These will be available on printed flyers that should be next to computers, as well as on the website http://mysutter/Resources/Education/EHRTraining/WebPages/Playground.aspx.

Once in the EPIC system, you will find numerous exercises created for different roles by accessing the website http://mysutter/SHEBR/Clinical/EHR. These exercises will take you through the typical process of documenting patient care with different physician roles. It can be overwhelming just searching through the EPIC system in the beginning, so I highly recommend using one of these exercises to start.

Again, if you are going to remember one website, you should remember There are links to all of the information that is published about EPIC. The above websites that I have referenced will be on this website. Training information and schedules will be on this website as well.