Cosigning Verbal Orders

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Verbal Orders by physicians are transcribed into the EHR by nurses. The orders must be cosigned by a physician member of the treatment team within 48 hours. There are 3 popular methods for cosigning Verbal Orders are shown below. See quick tips here.

Using the Manage Orders Navigator to Cosign: (with this method, you can also cosign for your colleagues and other physicians on the treatment team)

  1. Open the patient’s chart and select “Manage Orders.”
  2. Select the tab entitled “Cosign.”
  3. Click the “Sign All Orders” hyperlink in blue to sign all the verbal orders en masse.
  4. Click “Sign Section” or
  5. Use the “Sign” button for the individual order.

Signing Verbal orders from In Basket: (to cosign your own verbal orders)

  1. Click on the In Basket icon on the header tool bar.
  2. Click the “x Chart Completion” folder.
  3. Highlight the verbal order cosign message with the patient’s name by clicking on it one time. Order Details appear on the bottom (or right) of the screen.
  4. Click the “Sign” hyperlink to the right to sign individual orders.
  5. Click the “Sign” button above the message to sign all the orders at once.
  6. Click the “Refresh” button and the messages with “Done” status will drop off your message list immediately.

Signing Verbal Orders from Your MyPatient List (with this method, you do not need to open the charts; you can also cosign for your colleagues and other physicians on the treatment team)

  1. Click on your MyPatient List.
  2. Click on the “Cosign Ord” header
  3. Click on the Cosign Orders Report (mid-page report bar)
  4. Click to Sign Section


For assistance, contact your EHR Physician Liaison, Patty Fitzgibbons at or 510-325-9618.

Quick Tips: Signing Verbal Orders

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Preferred method - LR CP PF_Page_1Preferred method - LR CP PF_Page_2Click on images to enlarge.



From the President, April 2016

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Dear Medical Staff Colleagues,Dr Tigno MS President

Happy Spring!

  • National Doctor’s Day was March 30.  In keeping with recent tradition, Administration has donated to the medical staff charity of our choice. Much appreciation to Administration for the generous donation to Bay Area Community Services, which provides services to underserved individuals and families. (Please see description below.) In addition, thank you for the delicious annual breakfast and lunch buffets.
  • An historic moment. Much gratitude to those involved with the creation of the nursing contract. Not only is this a four-year contract, but furthermore, it passed without soul-wrenching labor actions! Special acknowledgement to Denise Navellier, R.N., CNE, for her hard work and dedication to the process. Now we can begin to look towards a more stable nurse work force.
  • We have been faced with high patient volume and census that has stressed the system in many ways, including physician  resources. Much appreciation to the hospitalists, who have been understaffed and working at capacity. Through it all, they have maintained a positive attitude while focusing on patient safety and delivery of quality care. Please be sure to give them a personal thank-you during your interactions.
  • Another reminder of the upcoming Joint Commission Survey: We still have plenty of the blue survey-readiness handbooks at the Medical Staff office.


Donna Tigno, M.D.

About Bay Area Community Services

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Bay Area Community Services (BACS) provides an array of behavioral health and housing services for teens, adults, older adults and their families.

Alta Bates Summit plans to  donate Thunder Road, an adolescent substance abuse treatment, center to BACS. Alta Bates Summit and BACS have signed a non-binding letter of intent, which has been approved by the board of directors from both organizations.

BACS’s vision is a world where everyone is healthy, safe and engaged in community wellness. Every year, BACS makes a difference in the lives of more than 2,000 people. BACS is the leading provider of recovery-oriented behavioral health services.

The organization operates the largest program of its kind to end homelessness in the Bay Area, which sees more than 80 percent of participants go into permanent housing.

BACS’ Senior Day Programs are the most popular and affordable option in the Bay Area, providing engaging day services for elders with memory disorders.

The agency’s youth programs provide Crisis Residential Treatment and outreach and short-term services to youth in the community who are experiencing mental health and substance use challenges.

By, Carolyn Kemp, Manager Communications

Founded in Oakland in 1953, BACS provides services to individuals and families in the Greater Bay Area.



Never Events and “Tips and Bits”

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The following is educational/informational only.

Retained foreign bodies are considered to be an event that should never happen to patient. What some physicians may be surprised to learn is that “tips and bits” (such as K-wires, micro needles, drill bits and catheters) are considered serious reportable “never” events.

Specifically, even objects not present prior to surgery or a procedure that are intentionally left in when the risk of removal exceeds the risk of retention are reportable events.

The California Department of Public Health conducts an investigation on all of these events and, depending on their findings, the hospital may be subject to fines or public reporting.

By Holly Colin, director of risk management, patient safety and patient relations

MPI Offers Comprehensive Chemical Dependency Treatment Services

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Did you know?

MPI Chemical Dependency Treatment Services treats individuals suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. This comprehensive treatment service is on the fifth floor of the South Pavilion at the Summit Campus and offers a wide range of treatment options, including:

  • Detoxification
  • Inpatient/residential rehabilitation
  • Day treatment
  • Morning and evening intensive outpatient programs
  • Relapse prevention track
  • Comprehensive family program
  • Chronic pain track

MPI provides pharmacological detoxification from alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines and other substances. In all levels of care, clients attend lectures, participate in small group process and receive individual counseling.

Treatment at MPI is individually tailored to meet the needs of our clients and may include 12-step facilitation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, motivational interviewing, integrative medicine and exposure to a variety of peer support and recovery groups.

Many of our treatment counselors are in recovery themselves, offering an added level of expertise and compassion to their approach with residents. The Chronic Pain Track and programming for family members are especially robust and well-regarded by participants.

Potential clients are welcome to call 510-652-7000 to obtain more information and to schedule a free intake assessment.

Joshua Kayman, M.D., is medical director at MPI as well as the main provider of psychiatric consultation/liaison services at the Summit Campus. He is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in Addiction Medicine and is also a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.

Physicians and hospitalists may obtain a consultation by calling Dr. Kayman at his MPI office, 510-869-8890, or using the psychiatric consultation liaison request format in EPIC.

MPI is CARF accredited and provides 24-hour nursing care to our residents. Clients must be able to independently address their activities of daily living.

By Tom Bonas, Ph.D., administrative director MPI


E H R Update

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Moderate Sedation Documentation Requirements

All physicians providing moderate sedation are required to complete a pre-procedure assessment and document this assessment in a note containing specific required information.

In order to assist physicians in meeting the regulatory standards for moderate sedation, we have created a system smart phrase that contains all of the required elements necessary for regulatory compliance. Physicians can either cut and paste these elements into their own H&P or interval notes or use this system phrase as their H&P or interval note.

The smart phrase for moderate sedation is .promosedation

For assistance to customize your own notes using this smart phrase, please call Patty Fitzgibbons, 510-325-9618.

SPOK Enrollment and Usage

Since the rollout of Sutter’s secure messaging system Jan. 26, we have enrolled approximately 140 physicians at the Summit Campus.

If you have not enrolled in SPOK and need assistance, please call Patty Fitzgibbons, 510-325-9618. Please note that you will need to have your App Store password handy in order to download the app.


Sutter EHR now contains links in EPIC directly to UptoDate. Access points include the EPIC Radar dashboard, Medication and Orders, Problem List and Order Entry.  For more information or for assistance to register for UptoDate, please call Patty Fitzgbbons, 510-325-9618.

EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances)

You can now electronically prescribe controlled substances from Sutter EHR to most of the Bay Area pharmacies. For assistance to download the application, please call Patty Fitzgibbons, 510-325-9618.  Please note that you will need to have your App Store password handy in order to download the app.

Training Resources – Summit Campus

Optimization Prep Rally – April 27

Location: Patty’s Training Room, Merritt Pavilion, Nursing Administration, Ground Floor, G085

EHR Physician Liaison – onsite support as available

Patty Fitzgibbons, 510-325-9618

New: Remote Training Available

Do you need help with smart phrases, Order Set personalization, and Preference Lists, Coding Queries but are not available to be on campus?

You can now schedule training with members of our Documentation Team. They are available to remote into your computer in your office or even at your home using BOMGAR software.  For your remote training session, please contact:  S3EHRT@SUTTERHEALTH.ORG, Sam Johnson, 916-532-4783 or Adrianna Tezanos-Pinto, 916-508-4425.

By Dr. Kim, Dr. Puri and Patty Fitzgibbons










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Sutter Community Connect: An Integrated Health Record for Improved Patient Care.

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Sutter Community ConnectFor medical practices, Sutter Community Connect offers software, systems integration, training and support to deliver quality healthcare efficiently, including:

  • Integration to improve patient care
  • Robust training and 24/7 Help Desk
  • Experience from Sutter Health and Epic

For a limited time, Sutter Health is donating up to 85 percent of the cost a practice normally incurs to purchase, implement and support Sutter Community Connect.

Please visit or fill out an Inquiry Form. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please call 866-961-8549 or email


By Larraine Ewing, Sutter Community Connect



Easily Update your Profile on Sutter Web Sites

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To help patients searching for a physician online, please update your personal profile.

Use this form to review and update your online profile for all public Web sites associated with the Sutter Health network. Your updated profile will appear on and on Alta Bates Summit Web site(s).

In addition, your detailed information will appear on Sutter Medical Network’s Online Physician Directory available on This site is a physician-to-physician, Web-based search tool created to provide doctors with more information about their colleagues’ areas of clinical emphasis when making referral decisions.

Please  be sure to include specific procedures and technology under the professional interests section. This helps patients searching by procedure or technology to find you.

By Micheline LaMont, Marketing Manager

26th Annual Picchi Lecture is May 5

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Cognitive neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley, M.D., Ph.D., will present “Technology Meets Neuroscience – A Vision of the Future of Brain Health” at this year’s 26th Annual Picchi Lecture on Thursday, May 5.

This memorial lecture will be held at the Samuel Merritt University (SMU) Health Education Center, 400 Hawthorne Ave., Oakland.

Dr. Gazzaley is the founding director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center and professor of neurology, physiology and psychiatry at University of California, San Francisco. He co-wrote The Distracted Mind, explaining why our minds have become addicted to email, texts and social media.

Space is limited and reservations are required. The suggested donation to attend is $25. To attend or donate, please call the SMU Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, 510-869-8628, by April 29.

Proceeds from the Picchi Lecture are used to inform the community about a broad variety of medical topics and to fund the Picchi Collection of health information in the John A. Graziano Memorial Library at SMU’s Oakland campus.

From SMU Office of Development and Alumni Affairs