From the President, February 2017

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Dear Medical Staff Colleagues,

When it rains it pours… the hospital is in full swing and at full capacity.

If you feel that you are working harder than ever, it’s because you are. In the month of December 2016 there were 890 admissions and in January 2017, the latest numbers are 902 admissions from the Summit Emergency Department. We are talking historic numbers! Yet despite this daunting number, our ED length of stay was lower in December than the same time last year. In addition, this holds true for our hospital acute care length of stay.

This takes cooperation and collaborative efforts from multiple departments, Administration and Medical Staff.

So thank you everyone for maintaining a commitment to delivering quality care to our patients and maintaining a professional collegiality which is so tough under this degree of stress.

Special “thank you” to the ED department, hospitalists, surgeons, and intensivists for all your hard work. Please let them know your appreciation when you see them in the hospital.

Influenza: we are also seeing a higher number of test positive +influenza cases. This is also a historic high compared to prior years. Please take care of yourselves and wear appropriate protective masks when you care caring for your patients.

Cardiac Cath Labs: Renovation and upgrades to each room continue in this phased project.

MPI program: our inpatient chemical dependency program recently passed an accreditation survey, CARF. Congratulations team! (see below)

Podiatry now has a regular call schedule. Many days of the month are covered but not all. You can refer to the Central Logic call schedule available on the Intranet to determine who might be taking call that day.

Wellness Retreat on May 6th at Green Gulch, please register for the event and mark your calendars. If you want more information please contact Dr. John Mouratoff or come by the Medical Staff Office.

Until next time,

Be well, Donna

Donna D. Tigno, M.D.

President of Summit Medical Staff

Co-Director of Critical Care at Summit Medical Center


MPI Passes CARF Survey

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I am happy to announce that MPI, our adult chemical dependency treatment services on the Summit Campus, has successfully completed its CARF Survey. Based on comments from the surveyors at the exit conference, we anticipate that we will receive a full three year re-certification. The surveyors summarized their findings by noting, “we rarely encounter this level of excellence in the programs and organizations we survey.” 

I would like to thank and congratulate the MPI leadership team, particularly Terry Arnold, Irene Fernicola and Josh Kayman, M.D., for their outstanding work in preparing for the Survey. Additional thanks to Francie Pierce, Catherine Thorndal, Holly Colin, Rick Luna, Sunil Krishnan, Christine Carrizo, Anne-Marie Bondad, Sameh Nasser, Erika Wright and Rebecca Hummel-Moore, who all contributed to our success. 

The MPI staff are a special group of caring people who have dedicated their careers to the treatment of individuals suffering from addiction. It is difficult and important work. Please join me in congratulating them all for their accomplishment. 

Thank you.

 Tom Bonas, Ph.D.
Administrative Director
Behavioral Healthcare Services
o: (510) 204-5808
f: (510) 204-5992

Save the Date

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Save The Date

Doctor’s Day Celebration – Thursday, March 30th

Breakfast & Lunch Buffets in the Ground Floor Doctor’s Lounge

From Medical Staff Services

EHR Tips

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Smart Links: Below are a few useful Smart Links, including a new Smart Link for imaging!

  • .RISRSLTIMPONLY – pulls in Radiology impressions (without narrative) for past 48 hours; great for Progress Notes!
  • .PROBLAR – pulls in Active and Resolved Hospital Problems; especially useful for your Discharge Summaries; Refreshable!
  • .PROBLA – pulls in Active and Resolved Hospital Problems; especially useful for your Discharge Summaries; NOT refreshable

Reports in the Summary Activity

Here are some popular Reports that are available. Click the Summary Activity Tab and then click the magnifying glass in the report field. A list of reports will appear.

  • Overview Report
  • Diabetes management
  • Fever/antibiotics
  • Functional status
  • Blood Admin report
  • Sepsis Overview
  • MAR


Popular Order Sets

  • HOSP SEPSIS MODULAR SH IP [10971]If you need assistance to update your Smart Phrases, Order Sets, or to wrench in these reports, please call your EHR Physician Liaison, Patty Fitzgibbons, at 510-325-9618.

From Patty Fitzgibbons
EHR Physician Liaison

Tips for your Preoperative H&P

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For those performing surgeries and procedures, please review the following regarding your H&P’s. One of the many important points to remember is that if your patient is receiving anesthesia other than local anesthesia, an interval H&P is needed after your patient is “checked-in / admitted” for a procedure whenever the H&P is done within 30 days.  This includes H&Ps that may have been done in your office only hours before.

~H&P completed after check in / admission, no interval update is required.

~Inpatient and Outpatient procedures: H&P within 30 days:

  • H&P update / Interval note must be completed and documented within 24 hours after admission but always prior to surgery for an operation or procedure requiring anesthesia, other than local.
  • H&P update / Interval note should state the words like “re-examined, re-assessed, reviewed” patient, no changes. Update must be signed, dated and timed.
  • It is recommended that the H&P update / Interval note be documented directly into EPIC. If entering directly into EPIC the following navigators tools are available for your use.
    • Access the Preop tab within the Periop navigator. There is an activity that says “H&P interval notes”, click on the button that says “add interval”.
    • A template is available called “General H&P update note”. Template can be reached through your note navigator.

~All H&P’s must:

  • Include date, time and signature.
  • If using your office H&P do not use white out to change dates and do not obliterate by writing over the old date of H&P.
  • Do not use signature stamps.
  • Documentation in the body of the H&P must coincide with the H&P dates.
  • H&P performed more than 30 days prior to admission does not comply with timeliness requirements and a new H&P must be performed.

~Entering H&P directly in EPIC?

  • Ensure H&P is entered on the correct surgical encounter.

Alisa Stinn, RHIT
Client Location Lead / Health Information Manager
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center-Oakland Campus
(Office) 510-869-8741
(Cell) 510-381-5181
(Fax)  510-869-8856


Integration and Independence: Sutter Health Renews Sutter Community Connect

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Sutter Health recently announced continued funding for Sutter Community Connect (SCC)—a comprehensive electronic health record program that integrates independent physicians to the Sutter EHR. Through SCC, qualified independent physicians across Northern California can exchange shared patient information with physicians inside the Sutter Health network.  

“We’re pleased to learn about the decision to renew this important program,” said Kent Henriksen, Sutter Physician Services’ senior director of Independent Physician Solutions. “The SCC team here at SPS and its partners across the organization have worked diligently to make this one of the largest and most successful programs of its kind in the country.”  

SCC is funded through in-kind donations from Sutter Health hospital corporations, which help cover a large portion of software and related implementation costs for qualifying independent physicians. The renewal period will extend through 2019.  

For more information about SCC, contact Larraine Ewing by phone (510) 590-1241, email:, or visit


National Patient Safety Goal for Education on CAUTI and Update to the Know/Do/Share on Antimicrobial Stewardship

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Attached is a Know/Do/Share (KDS) to ensure that Medical Staff, LIPs, Nurses, Ancillary Staff, patients with indwelling urinary catheters and their families are all provided the necessary education to meet the January 1, 2017 National Patient Safety Goal.

Also attached is an update (see highlighted sections) on the KDS sent last month about the educational requirements for Antimicrobial Stewardship, a new TJC standard that went into effect on January 1st.

We are asking that you read these documents and follow the guidelines contained within them.

Ann Mulligan, RN, BSN, CPHQ
Clinical Performance Improvement Consultant (CPIC)
Sutter Health
Quality & Clinical Effectiveness Team | Office of Patient Experience

Welcome, New Physicians

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Patricia A. Barnes, MD
Direct Radiology
1839 N. Government Way, Ste. B
Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814
(855) 687-7237 

Richard J. Carregal, DO
Direct Radiology
1839 N. Government Way, Ste. B
Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814
(855) 687-7237 

Mark L. Harshany, MD
Direct Radiology
1839 N. Government Way, Ste. B
Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814
(855) 687-7237 

Christopher J. Hurt, MD
Direct Radiology
1839 N. Government Way, Ste. B
Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814
(855) 687-7237

Justin E. Pollock, MD
East Bay Anesthesiology Medical Group
3000 Colby St., Ste. 205
Berkeley, CA 94705-2058
(510) 666-0854

Selamawit Tarekegn, MD
350 Hawthorne Ave., Room 2346
Oakland, CA. 94609
(510) 869-6883


From the President, January 2017

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Dear Colleagues,Dr Tigno MS President

It will be the beginning of a new year as you read this. I am happy that 2016 is coming to a close. The tumultuousness of the presidential campaign, the untimely deaths of iconic entertainers and artists and the senseless killings domestic and abroad have made 2016 a truly crappy year.

However, on the Summit Campus we can be proud of an array of achievements and successes.

We successfully passed several regulatory surveys:

  • Joint Commission Survey 6/2016,
  • CDPH (California Dept of Public Health) relicensing and MERP (Medication Error Reduction Plan) 9/2016,
  • CAPS (College of American Pathology Survey) accreditation
  • NSQIP meritorious award- National Surgery Quality Improvement Program. Meritorious award — third time in five years. This award reflects that we are in the top 10 percent of all participating hospitals nationally.
  • Get with the Guidelines Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association for seven consecutive years. Target stroke Elite Honor Roll Award.
  • UDS Medical Rehab top performer award for Outstanding Program Performance.
  • National Doctor’s Day, March 30 — Administration donated to Bay Area Community Services, which provides an array of behavioral health and housing services for teens, adults, older adults and their families.
  • Silver Award from Donor Network West for tissue and eye.
  • Successful CME (continuing medical education) four year reaccreditation.
  • Code Sepsis program with decrease in mortality.
  • ICU liberation project.
  • TAVR program completed 200th procedure this year, in addition Mitraclip and Watchman procedures have been added to complement the Structural Heart Program.

There continues to be ongoing attention to the sterility and quality of surgical trays and instruments. Focus continues to be on staffing and training in SPD (sterile processing department.) One of the major findings by the outside reviewer, ECRI, was that an underlying obstacle to change was the culture between the OR and SPD. I am really excited to announce that Victor Maiki was brought on to promote a positive cultural shift. So, thank you, Rose Calhan, COO, for bringing his expertise to the table.

Multiple tragic events recently have hit our community. In addition to the Ghost Ship fire, just around the corner from the med center, the Mosswood Park Community Center burned down. The Center hosted a preschool and after-school educational and sporting activities for the community. ABSMC leadership has made a donation towards the rebuilding efforts, but members of our medical staff have expressed interest in contributing, too.

Dr. Dave Anderson and Dr. Leif Hass have asked me to ask you for your support in the effort. You can donate directly at the link below or you can pass your donation along to Leif at his PayPal and he will make the donation from our medical staff. His PayPal address is

Donate to Mosswood Recreation Center | Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation

As we say goodbye to the defining events and the entertainers that passed in 2016, I look forward to new beginnings and the start of a New Year in 2017.

Until next time, be well and may the “force be with you,”

Donna D. Tigno, M.D.
President, Summit Medical Staff
Co-Director of Critical Care at Summit

DEA Renewal Application Announcement

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Beginning in January 2017, DEA will no longer send its second renewal notification by mail. Instead, an electronic reminder to renew will be sent to the email address associated with the DEA registration.

At this time, DEA will otherwise retain its current policy and procedures with respect to renewal and reinstatement of registration. This policy is as follows:

  • If a renewal application is submitted in a timely manner prior to expiration, the registrant may continue operations, authorized by the registration, beyond the expiration date until final action is taken on the application.
  • DEA allows the reinstatement of an expired registration for one calendar month after the expiration date. If the registration is not renewed within that calendar month, an application for a new DEA registration will be required.
  • Regardless of whether a registration is reinstated within the calendar month after expiration, federal law prohibits the handling of controlled substances or List 1 chemicals for any period of time under an expired registration.

From Medical Staff Services