From the President, February 2016

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I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Medical Staff for the privilege of serving as Chief. I know I am leaving you in good hands:  Donna Tigno, M.D., president; Jill Kacher Cobb, M.D., vice president; and Charu Puri, M.D., treasurer. I want to thank the professionals in the medical staff office, Heidi VanWaveren, CPCS; Virginia Allard; Terri Smith and particularly Jo Jellin, PsyD, for their guidance over the last two years.

Junaid H. Khan, M.D.

Junaid H. Khan, M.D.

  • There is progress on the nursing contract and staffing seems to be heading in the right direction. I am hopeful that by the next newsletter we will have something more definitive to report.
  • There is some progress in sterile processing and the operating room staffing, but much more work needs to be done to maintain the high level of quality that our patients deserve.
  • The New Physicians Meet and Greet had great attendance and great feedback again. We will plan the next one for August. It’s a great opportunity for the new physicians on staff to meet Medical Staff and Administrative leaders.
  • Medical Staff Satisfaction Survey results will be presented to the MEC next month and Dr. Ursi Boynton will then present at relevant department meetings.
  • We have received  a request from and increased the budget for the Continuing Medical Education Committee for Grand Rounds as we continue to have great interest and attendance at the Fir (with lunch) venue.
  • The Volunteer Shadowing Program is continuing.  If you see a volunteer working, take a moment to thank them for the 200 hours (minimum required before they can be in a clinical setting) they have spent helping the patients at ABSMC.
  • “Up to Date” is now available for all Sutter-affiliated physicians on their mobile devices as well as linked to problem list in Sutter EHR. Contact Patty Fitzgibbons at Ext. 8339 if you need help.

By Junaid Khan, M.D.

HIM Transcription Update: Pended Reports for Blanks

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At the Sutter Chief of Staff Meeting, it was decided that: Any dictated reports with more than three (>3) blanks will be held in a pended queue for review before being sent to the physician for signature.

This change in practice will create a slightly increased burden for our physicians, but will result in more accurate clinical documentation.  It will also result in a smaller number of charts being held in a pended queue, thereby reducing the delay in chart completion.

Where to Document

When completing your documentation, it is important to ensure that you document notes under the correct note type and correct encounter.  This will help alleviate chart deficiency issues for reports you’ve already completed.  More importantly, the notes should be in the correct location to support accurate coding, billing and the legal health record.

If your note is documented in the wrong location, you may be asked to move your note to the correct location by Sutter Shared Services Health Information Management. The most common way to move a note is by using the copy and paste function in Sutter EHR.

Please ensure that you pay attention to dates and to content to ensure your note is consistent with the patient encounter and that you delete the note from the wrong location.

Tip sheets are available to provide you detailed work instruction on moving your H&P from your office visit to the correct encounter.

Patty Fitzgibbons, Sutter EHR physician liaison, can also assist you this functionality.


Sutter EHR Updates

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No Longer Needed:

  • Admit, Diet and Code Status orders are now in the Admission and Postop Order Sets
  • To update your order sets, please attend an Optimization Prep Rally, or call Patty Fitzgibbons, 510-325-9618.

Now Available:

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances
  • Hospitalists and Foundation physicians have successfully completed the pilot.
  • Register for secure authorization and download the app.  Patty Fitzgibbons has details.
Sutter Secure Text Messaging (SPOK)
  • Easy way to text PHI to colleagues
  • HIPAA compliant
  • i-Phone and Android friendly
  • Contact Patty for assistance

By Patty Fitzgibbons

UpToDate Anywhere Launched

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On Jan. 26, 2016, UpToDate Anywhere became accessible to all Sutter Health users systemwide directly through Sutter EHR, as well as on mobile devices. As a reminder, features include:

  • Full integration within Sutter EHR allowing direct clinical content searches from Problem Lists, Allergies and Medications
  • UpToDate Mobile App for your iOS®, Android™ or Windows 8 device allowing easy access to UpToDate remotely (outside of Sutter Health’s network)
  • Direct access to UpToDate from any Sutter desktop through
  • A new search button on the Radar dashboard
  • Selection of the InfoButton within a patient’s record
  • A new desktop icon
  • Bi-weekly clinical updates with selected “What’s New” and “Practice Changing UpDates” notices
  • In-application and email messaging reminding users to periodically verify affiliation (required for mobile access)

Registration instructions and tip sheets are available on the Sutter Wiki page.

We are excited for our clinical staff to take advantage of these resources and look forward to your feedback.

By Chris Jaeger, M.D., MBA, Sutter Health Chief Medical Information Officer

Volunteers Needed for Hypertension Education Event

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Hypertension Screening

On Sunday, Feb. 28, Alta Bates Summit Health Ministry Program, Ethnic Health Institute and many community organizations will provide free blood pressure screenings to more than 25 congregations throughout the East Bay at the Frank E. Staggers, Sr., M.D., Hypertension Sunday. Clinical volunteers are needed. Please contact Joyce Gray at either 510-869-8224 or  or Jorge De Avila, EHI outreach coordinator

By Jorge Luis De Avila
Program Coordinator, Ethnic Health Institute


Welcome New Physicians

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Please welcome the physicians that joined our staff in January.

Marina M. Atala, MD
Hospitalist, Medical
2450 Ashby Ave Ste. 5505
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 204-1893

Daniel Chrobak, MD
Hospitalist, Medical
350 Hawthorne Ave. Rm.2346
Oakland, CA.  94609
(510) 204-1893

Karin M. Dydell, MD
Internal Medicine
1510 4th St., Ste. 1
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 525-8980

Adrian L. James, MD
Internal Medicine
700 Adeline Street
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 835-9610

Shilpa Puppala, MD
Diagnostic Radiology
2125 Oak Grove Road, Suite 200
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(925) 296-7150

From Medical Staff Services

From the President, January 2016

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Junaid H. Khan, M.D.

Junaid H. Khan, M.D.

Happy New Year!

  • Great seeing everyone at the Holiday Party organized by Dr. Charu Puri. The Scottish Rite Center was a great venue, and we had a tremendous turn out.
  • Mark your calendar for a New Physician Welcome on January 20th. All physicians joining the Medical Staff in the last 6 months will be invited. It is a great opportunity to meet and greet.
  • A special note of gratitude to those physicians who have served in Medical Staff Leadership roles for extended periods of time and are rotating off of MEC as of February 1, 2016: Dr. Annette Shaieb who has served for a total of 23 years, Dr. Steve Stanten, who has served for a total of 14 years and Dr. Roger Phelps, who has served for a total of 10 years.
  • The Nominating Committee has nominated:  Vice President Jill Kacher-Cobb M.D., and Treasurer Charu Puri M.D. Ballots have been mailed out to voting members of the Medical Staff. The deadline to return is January 10th.
  • Epic tips will be presented with a few slides at the beginning of each Grand Rounds.
  • The census remains very high. Please make sure to identify potential discharges early in the day to facilitate patient flow.
  • We continue to make progress in staying “green” in quality metrics. Areas of focus will be C Diff, CAUTI and CHF readmission.
  • We have also made good progress in patient satisfaction scores.

By, Junaid Khan, M.D.



Sutter E H R Update

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Admit or Observation Order Set (SH Hotel) No Longer Needed

  • Admit, Diet and Code Status orders are now in the Admission and Postop Order Sets
  • To update your order sets, please attend an Optimization Prep Rally or call Patty Fitzgibbons at 510-325-9618.

Coming Soon: Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances

  • Hospitalists and Foundation physicians are piloting EPCS and it’s going well so far.
  • We plan to go live for all inpatient physicians in mid-January.
  • Sign up for Secure Auth and download the app. (See Patty for details.)

Coming Soon: Sutter Secure Text Messaging (SPOK)

  • Easy way to text PHI to colleagues
  • HIPAA compliant
  • i-Phone and Android friendly
  • Pilot will take place at Eden Medical Center in mid-January. If the pilot goes well, we plan to deploy this to ABSMC and Delta in early 2016.

By Michael Kim, M.D., Charu Puri, M.D., and Patty Fitzgibbons

Welcome New Physicians

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Please welcome physicians who joined our staff in December:

Rodney Grolman, M.D., General Surgery, 2850 Telegraph Ave. Ste. 110 Berkeley, CA. 94705, 510-204-8168

Aalok Turakhia, M.D., Diagnostic Radiology, 2125 Oak Grove Rd. Ste. 200 Walnut Creek, CA. 94598, 925-296-7150

From, Medical Staff Services

From the President, December 2015

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Junaid H. Khan, M.D.

Junaid H. Khan, M.D.

I would like to share with you some of the highlights from the annual Medical Staff meeting held in November.  We had a great turnout.  I would continue to encourage newer Active Staff members to attend in the future.

  • A moment of silence for members we lost this year:   Joseph Ross, M.D., Robert K. Sandberg, M.D., Delmar C. Sanders, M.D., William J. Sullivan, M.D., Robert O. Taylor, M.D., and William F. Weeden, M.D.
  • Honorary membership was granted to the following esteemed retiring members:  General Hilliard, M.D., Ira Kanter, M.D., W. Irving Johnson, M.D. and Gary Woodworth, M.D.
  • The single biggest issue for the Medical Staff remains staffing. Though some improvements have occurred, certainly much more needs to be done. The Administration is aware of this concern. We are hopeful that with the next contract cycle in January, a significant improvement will be noted.
  • We continued to get rave reviews for the new patient care pavilion and, on a smaller level, for Beulah’s coffee truck.
  • Jan. 20 is the New Physician Welcome.  Invitations will be sent out to all physicians who have joined us in the past six months. This is a great opportunity for them to interact with hospital and Medical Staff leadership.
  • Justin Lee, M.D., Hussain Gilani, M.D., and Christine Wong, M.D., have done a great job with the Volunteer Shadow Program. The program trial was deemed a success and we will make it a continuing program. Drs.  Mike Lee, Danny Montes, Steve Stanten, Robert Yan, Ole Dierks, Ludwig Lin, Monika Aplyn, David Anderson, Chip McDonald and Junaid Khan were thanked for allowing students to shadow them.
  • Grand Rounds meal service moving to the Firs has been a success, with improved convenience for physicians attending the meetings, and will continue in the new year.
  • Visage Imaging was launched under the leadership of Dr. Linda Gordon.
  • The Administration made a generous donation to Operation Access on behalf of the Medical Staff for Physician Appreciation Day.
  • Rehab moved to Summit under the leadership of Hussam El-Gohary, M.D.
  • Quality metrics were challenged with the introduction of Sutter EHR (as across the entire system). We went from green to red.  But the good news is we are moving back to green on most metrics. TJC  Surveys of knee, hip and stroke passed  under the leadership of David Chang, M.D., and Brian Richardson, M.D.
  • The Emergency Department, under the leadership of Ronn Berrol, M.D., demonstrated a 15 percent improvement in wait times while seeing a significant increase in the number of patients seen to 50,000 visits.
  • General Surgery, under the leadership of Steve Stanten, M.D., received the NSQIP Award for meritorious outcomes for surgical patient care.
  • New appointments include Dr. David Chang, Orthopedics Chief; and Dr. Basil Alwattar, Vice Chief; Dr. Anna Frick, Chief of OB-Gyn; and Dr. Rick Trautner, Chief of newly created Psychiatry Service.
  • The Preop Clinic has been a success under the leadership of Tessa Collins, M.D., seeing 1,700 patient visits.  The clinic decreased cancellations, improved patient satisfaction, implemented best practices and optimization of perioperative risk that will improve outcomes, decrease LOS and readmissions.
  • Palliative Care presented first report to MSPI:  Dr. Jeff Stoneberg.
  • Sepsis Task Force launched under Kris Kury, M.D., champion.
  • The TAVR program was very successful under Russ Stanten M.D., Mitul Kadakia, M.D., Robert Greene, M.D., and David Daniels, M.D., with 100 patients seen in the last year and counting.
  • We had increased responses to the Physician Satisfaction Survey and expect to have results back to you by early next year.
  • The hospitalist lounge was renovated.
  • In an effort to battle noise pollution as an aspect of patient satisfaction, we reduced the number of overhead pages and a task force reviewed all clinical alarms.
  • There is a new protocol for managing exposures that occur to physicians at work.  All nurse managers should be able to assist in assessing the protocol.
  • Unplanned Sutter EHR downtime, Code Lime, is being championed by Dr. Ursi Boynton.
  • Suspensions for incomplete records have started.  Verbal order signing remains at 70 percent and we need to be at 90 percent for The Joint Commission.  Interval H&P are required for the operating room.
  • New items on the horizon:  Credentials red flag reporting to Sutter Health Board, new doctors’ dining area (Drs. Teresa Kim, Ron Robinson and Lloyd Morrisey will represent the Medical Staff).  An Aging Physician Task Force is being tracked by the Well Being Committee under the leadership of Dr. Douglas Patton.  Suspension for coding queries will probably occur shortly.
  • There is some improvement in patient satisfaction under the programs initiated by Denise Navellier, RN, CNE.
  • For the first time, we received a Grade of B from the Leapfrog Group for patient safety. There may be coding issues involved, but this is being taken very seriously.
  • New COO Rose Calhan was welcomed.  The Surgical Hospitalist Program started Dec. 1. Vascular Surgery Call is continuing.  ICD 10 launched.  Optime launched—Jill Kacher-Cobb, M.D.
  • Holiday party is Dec. 10 at the Scottish Rite Center under the direction of Dr. Charu PuriRSVP to Medical Staff Office at 510-869-6565.

Chuck Prosper, CEO, presented the Master Facility Plan

  • Fall 2017: Cath Labs (2), Providence OR, GI Lab capacity
  • Spring 2018: Inpatient MRI, Hybrid OR, ICU Expansion
  • Spring 2019: ED expansion
  • Before 2030: Women & Infants Critical Services Building

By Junaid Khan, M.D.